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  1. Well I'm sorry you feel that way.. but you have to start somewhere you can't expect a coder to work for free and especially not from scratch .. atleast my server would get you somewhere.. and at the point it is at now it is finished all it needs is the shops to be reworked and prices to be finished.. the website alone was $44 from ipage.com.. your choice all i want is 100m and 1 month of members... let me know if you change your mind my skype name is live:iamguthark
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    For sale!

    [ATTACH]10397[/ATTACH] [COLOR="silver"][SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE][/COLOR] [ATTACH]10399[/ATTACH] [COLOR="silver"][SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE][/COLOR] [ATTACH]10400[/ATTACH]
  3. I can sell you an almost finished rsps with a website and teach you how to do things.. the price is rs3 gold.
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    For sale!

    Selling a 718 server! It's got a home and almost everything is put into the game with a shit ton of customs and much more also comes with a website!! get at me on skype at live:iamguthark for more info
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    Can't enter game?!?!

    When I try to log in to my own server with my character it tells me my player hasn't logged out and to try again in a few minutes ... What could be causing this.. I've tried new account names and passwords all kinds of crap I can't figure it out?!
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    Website designer

    Looking for a website designer that can create forums, webclients, voting and donation system! my skype is live:iamguthark
  7. I need a full time coder server is half way done. just came back from not doing anything in months. Let me know
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    Coder needed paying

    First pay is $75.
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    Coder needed paying

    Hello I recently just picked back up making rsps's. I have a client and source that is over half way done. It's a Runescape remake with a few major difference's. I don't exactly remember what model number it is (666-718). I need a dedicated coder to help me fix a few issues and get the website online I've already paid for a website and I'll pay for any expenses that are needed. I'm about to download skype so just leave your skype info here and your experience with make RSPS's. Last thing I will pay as soon as the game goes online also will give 25% of donations. If you need to know more just ask. And I'm not a coder :/ but I know a few things and how to fix/add them :D
  10. Needing A advanced coder that can code a 718/742. Will be paying 1 coder 50% of donations. Plus a $50 bonus when the server goes online. A lot of work has been done, but still a lot to do. Must be able to code at least 5-6 hours a day or so. You can contact me on Skype at live:iamguthark
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    Advanced coders

    [quote name='Jwl']What do you exactly need?[/QUOTE] If you're talking to me a full time coder. only need basic stuff done, hard shits out of the way
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    Advanced coders

    Sorry I had to jump on this, if this isn't aloud please remove. I'm also in need of a coder i'm paying very handsomely! 718/742 rune evo v3 base
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    718 Client

    I'm using parascape client 718 and its always freezing and lagging is there anyway that I can stop this.. I read somewhere that there is a fix for it in a file, but it didn't specify the folder if someone could help it would be really appreciated and i'll give you a cookie :D lol + many thanks :)
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    Coder needed!

    I'll give you 25% of the donations(willing to negotiate).. Need a coder that knows what they're doing to develop with my current coder and stay on the team! Get at me on skype live:iamguthark