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  1. Literally five seconds after posting this I realized what the issue was. [SOLVED]
  2. I don't seem to have any models/icons for the cocktail glass and jack lantern mask. I know it may not seem like a big deal, but I actually do need at least the cocktail glass (I know it sounds really stupid). The problem is that there is no inventory icon for either (and noted) or a wear model for the jack lantern mask.
  3. Maybe you IP banned yourself or something, I dunno lol.
  4. It would be even cooler with alch prices and shop prices (buy/sell). Then I could finally get my item prices all nice and pretty. Don't really care for Grand Exchange stuff as I never use it in any of my servers. One issue with it is that it uses new item names i.e., bronze helm instead of bronze med helm. This is great for grimy herbs items because some of them are just called "Herb" on older revisions, but yeah I like to search for the original item names instead of newer. I just sort of shift between ItemDB and this to get the best of both worlds, which I guess is okay. The only way I'd ever get exactly what I want is to do it myself I suppose.
  5. Lore

    NPC Database?

    I used to use the RuneScape Wiki to find all my monster related needs, such as max hits, health, drops, etc. Now that EoC has hit the entire database (and many others) have completely changed and hardly any of the information is relevant for older servers. Is there somewhere I can go to find a database for NPC? I need max hits, health, drops, pickpocket information, dialogues, okay pretty much everything. Is there any good database with some or all of my needs? Dialogues are pretty much impossible to find so don't worry about that. [URL="http://www.global-rs.com/database/monsters/viewmonster.php?id=5"]This[/URL] for example has older information, but it lacks a lot of useful stuff (such as max hit). [URL="http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Man"]This[/URL] is great, but hardly any of the information is relevant for pre-EoC servers.
  6. Lore

    NPC Clipping on Height 4+

    [quote name='Stacx']Fight cave doesn't use heights, that's just a cheap fix. You need to construct a map region.[/QUOTE] Well I guess that settles that. I will ignore this issue completely as I have no idea what a map region is or how to construct one.
  7. So I just noticed that NPC clipping doesn't work on beyond height 3. Normally this is fine, except for one thing. Fight Caves uses height levels as private areas (PID * 4 to be exact), and since clipping doesn't work beyond height 3 this means that Fight Caves has no clipping and it really needs it. I tried searching for height levels in the clipping but it didn't help. First I found these in Region.java [CODE]if (height >= 0 && height <= 3) { addClipping(absX + i2, absY + i3, height, 0x200000); if (height >= 0 && height <= 3) { addObject(objectId, absX + localX, absY + localY, height, type, direction);[/CODE] So I changed them to this. [CODE]if (height >= 0 && height <= 100) { addClipping(absX + i2, absY + i3, height, 0x200000); if (height >= 0 && height <= 100) { addObject(objectId, absX + localX, absY + localY, height, type, direction);[/CODE] Didn't do anything as far as I know. That's all I could find for height in the clip folder, not sure if there would be anything anywhere else.
  8. [IMG]http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/7404/macek.jpg[/IMG] Does anyone know the emote ID for Verac's flail "Spike" attack style? I don't even know what it looks like and RS doesn't really help me anymore. While I'm here what does the normal mace "Spike" attack look like, is it just a stab like a dagger?
  9. Lore

    [PI] Character Reset?

    I'm not sure why or how but sometimes I get reset. Maybe the save gets corrupted or something, because I believe it uses an auto-save. This only happens when I close the command prompt (I just close it and open a new one to restart), and even then it is very rare (1 in 50 restarts maybe). So how would I fix these resets? Do I disable auto-save, find a way to restart the server safer (system update perhaps), or something else?
  10. [quote name='im a nubcake']The one thing what I like in this.[/QUOTE] Is there something wrong with the rest of it? Tell me how I can improve it. *On a side note. Fixed the webclient, it should load for everyone now. Let me know if it doesn't!
  11. [url=http://runeonlineworld.webs.com/webclient]http://runeonlineworld.webs.com/webclient[/url] Just testing some stuff now. [color=red]THIS IS VERY EARLY IN DEVELOPMENT - DO NOT EXPECT A FINISHED SERVER AS IT IS FAR FROM IT[/color] Quick run-through of some of the features. [list] [*]NPC Clipping [*]All skills [*]100% free to play with no donation options (can't buy items or benefits) [*]Quests (remakes and custom) [/list] This is not a remake, although I try to keep it similar. For example areas will have the same NPC and objects will behave the same, but drops and rewards will be custom at times. There's no point systems (aside from quest points and mini-games), so you will not be buying items with PK points or anything (exceptions are for mini-games if I add them). This is a fair server, we treat everyone the same. We don't punish people for dumb reasons (like cussing), and we don't reward others for anything (no free items or benefits for any reason). You will have to train your skills and obtain items the same way everyone else does (unless you get lucky at a player-hosted drop party or something). This is not my first server, but I can tell you right now this one is my favorite one yet. It has so much potential and I'm excited to get it ready, but of course it needs tested before I start advertising it a lot. I update frequently, so you can expect things being added all the time. I also try to get as much player feedback as possible, I want it to be fun for everyone, not just me. You will see [i]everything[/i] I do on the homepage when the server is out of beta (too much going on during beta to keep up). [img]http://i.imgur.com/hJOqJ.png[/img]
  12. Lore

    Can someone help me?

    You mean they are unable to connect or you can't find anyone who wants to connect?
  13. Lore

    JAR Issue

    [quote name='storm powner']post your webclient html code here[/QUOTE] Nothing to do with it as I stated it happens on both client (if I jar it) and webclient only if the IP isn't
  14. Lore

    JAR Issue

    For some reason when I JAR my client with the IP set as it will load fine, but if I change this to my server IP it won't do anything. I tried a webclient and just using the JAR on my computer using both IP's but only does anything. I don't know if I'm just unable to load it or changing it messes everything up. I can load the client fine if I set it to my server IP (obviously won't connect but at least it loads). Not sure if it works and I've just been wasting my time or what. There are no errors when I open it or try to load it as a webclient, it simply doesn't open anything or shows the Java loading circle thing. Edit: Would it be okay if I posted a link to the webclient? Or if you want to test it you can PM me for the link. I just want to make sure it loads, you don't have to log in.