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  1. hope the mili is treating you well buddy :)

  2. are you still alive 

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    2. irrelevance


      i've been pretty good, man. what about u?

    3. Dean


      been doing good myself, nice to see you alive and well buddy

    4. irrelevance


      same here, mate! sorry about the wait, I don't spend as much time here as I used to. what are you up to these days?

  3. sup buddy

    1. Cart


      Hello Deanie.

  4. Thank you sir!

  5. Nice username! :)

  6. omg MARCUS HI SON. Where you been? Hit me up on Skype. muzzyd.fx

  7. O.o Doesn't ring a bell. PM me? Clarify who you are :)

  8. sup "matt"

  9. no he's dead

  10. i heard there was a party here and wanted to be cool :)

  11. sup Daedalus daedaaeaecalus

  12. hey i remember you :santa:

  13. nigga been dead

  14. No haha, what is it?

  15. happy birthday <3<3<3<3<3<3 :p Add my new msn: [email protected]

  16. hey best moddie lets jump borders sometime :( <3

  17. Who are you??