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      This is a 100% real screenshot from MSN days

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      I also have


  2. ayy bb u want sum fuk


    1. Dean


      ya bb pls 

    2. Cart


      can i join

    3. Dean


      only if you bring cookies 

  3. hope the mili is treating you well buddy :)

  4. Dean

    Current life thread.

    I'm a sophomore at a private, Catholic university pursuing a BA in psychology. I'm an intern at my university's ministry, trying to promote the coexistence of all faiths. I spend some time doing some research, observing and studying animal behavior at the zoo. I also volunteer at the local hospital.
  5. are you still alive 

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    2. irrelevance


      i've been pretty good, man. what about u?

    3. Dean


      been doing good myself, nice to see you alive and well buddy

    4. irrelevance


      same here, mate! sorry about the wait, I don't spend as much time here as I used to. what are you up to these days?

  6. sup buddy

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      Hello Deanie.

  7. Yes. I think the requirement should be removed. I don't think people who browse the forum at a glimpse will see the server name attract them, but if there was more information, they might be more interested. If I was browsing a server, I'd want to know the top things about it before I click the link, and those simple keywords can help a lot.
  8. It looks very nice. Good job team! This theme feels much more welcome imo.
  9. Dean

    Real Real Life

    Sounds pretty scary man. What were your initial thoughts when this was happening?
  10. [quote name='Thee Lion']One. It's my mother's life insurance funds I got from her death. $500,000. Two, that's because your credit card wasn't verified and you didn't prove you owned it with a licence or photo id which I did. Three, I'm 17 going on to 19 Four, I want a good pc and wanna own a super advanced pc . This ain't out of anger mate. But thanks for sniffing since it smells like bullshit.[/QUOTE] What are you going to do with the computer? Just curious
  11. I don't think this is going to attract new members. Most people who join a runescape private server forum are trying to get something out of it. And it doesn't look like we have much resources.
  12. So I never asked her, got a gf a few months later thats 10x better.