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  1. bumppppp [COLOR="silver"]- - - Updated - - -[/COLOR] bumppppp
  2. Hey Guys, I use Ablescape(Old Source) but the drops aren't working. There isn't even a drop config or something simulair like that. Can someone try to help me? Skype: Gushoukoens
  3. [ATTACH=CONFIG]10358[/ATTACH] That is what im trying to make but how do i make that?
  4. The npc drops doens't work :( there is even no npc-config.cfg How to fix this?
  5. Im searching for a client + source what have the same graphics as emps-scape [img]http://i.imgur.com/e66VfTX.png[/img] If you know one post down here or add me on skype: gushoukoens
  6. How do i fix all those freaking nulls ....? [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/6FJSZJT.png[/IMG] Thanks, ThaDealerz Im using rune-evo source/cache ,matrix client
  7. ThaDealerz

    RuneLove 718

    Check your npc's and maybe there is a error.
  8. Àsk the owner, we can't doing anything about that...