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  1. Hey guys i just had a quick question hopefully one of you awesome people will respond ASAP... anyways I was wondering if coding a 718..etc and high versions.. is like coding a 625 or 508 or even a 317. Is it harder to easier? Thanks for the help :gg::rolleyes::(:P;)<3
  2. Okay I have found the java files. They were in fact hidden. I looked in item, command, and commands.java and it appears that only regular players can spawn and owners/ admins cannot. there is no player rights =2 or anything like that. I just don't know where to fix this and in what file
  3. It says it is in CLASS format and the java format isnt there. Could you just skype me? We could resolve this easier
  4. I cannot see the code on either Notepad ++ or the other regular notepad. Most of it is nulled. Do you have a skype?
  5. On spawnscape 614, I can become admin and all of that. And the rest of the server works.. now my trouble is.. my Spawn Menu will not work and I as an admin cannot spawn. Please reply to this post as fast as possible. thanks Snowball