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  1. If you click on the "Visit our Site" Link it just takes you to runelocus.com home page.
  2. [quote name='Ziek`'][url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrVXRZY1_x0[/url][/QUOTE] Well fuck im going to have an extremely impaired brain aha. It was saying that marijuana stops the production of natural cbd in your brain until it starts producing it again, i wonder how long it takes before it starts producing it again? Very good video though.
  3. Ok, so for my rsps I finished making my forums, uploaded the client, everything. When I try to put my rsps on the runlocus server page it tells me that my server is offline when clearly it is not because my ports are open, the ip in the client is my noip and im connecting using that client so I'm not sure what the issue is. I think it may be because my server rejects connections if its not my client? Idk though I downloaded the mithscape server in BMW's tutorial to making a 508 rsps. Please help it would be greatly appreciated. I will thank your replies.
  4. I was having problems to, in the original release thread for the source the author said that you need to run the server through eclipse.
  5. VogusHD

    Need help 718+

    Well I don't know Java to well but I can definitely get you an up and running server.
  6. VogusHD

    Need Help 718+

    Just use the Arrow Release Link: [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?97111-Arrow-Release[/url] It's 718
  7. VogusHD

    Spellbook Teleports

    [QUOTE]case 15: // Varrock Teleport if (p.magicDelay <= 0) { if (magicLvl(p) >= modernLvlReq[buttonID]) { if (hasReq(p, air, 3) && hasReq(p, law, 1) && hasReq(p, fire, 1)) { teleTo(p, 3212, 3434); deleteItems(p, air, 3, law, 1, fire, 1); magicXp(p, modernSpellXp[buttonID]); p.magicDelay = 5; } else { sendMsg(p, "You dont have the required runes to cast this spell."); } } else { sendMsg(p, "You need level " + modernLvlReq[buttonID] + " magic to use this spell."); } } else { p.clickDelay = mainClickDelay; } break;[/QUOTE] This is the current code for one of my teleports. It took out all the spaces when I put it on here though.
  8. VogusHD

    Spellbook Teleports

    So, I'm trying to learn how to code and I love 508's so I decided to learn using palidino67's server and client. Basically in this the teleports are terrible. they are just all the regular city teleports, they require all runes, and the magic level. I would like all my teleport spells to have no requirements, I want options on each one and to change the name and description of the teleport.. I'm not looking for someone to fix it for me. I would like someone to show me how to fix one so I can do the rest myself. I already know how to change the title and description. I can post a code for one of the teleports and someone maybe can change it to what I want and then I can learn off that and do the rest myself? Thanks a lot!
  9. VogusHD

    Spellbook teleports

    It's in magic.java I'm almost positive. Search (ctrl+f) for one of the names of your teleport and you should find it.
  10. I already have a server up and running, I just need to make it available for others to play. We can team up if you would like.
  11. [quote name='iHK47']Firstly, take a trip over to no-ip.com and get yourself a dns host. Then take a trip into your client and change your server IP to your new DNS host. Then take a trip to your default gateway and portforward 43594. All of these are more than well explained in at least a hundred different tutorials each. A simple search will get you skyrocketting in the right direction in no time. I mean absolutely no offense, but if you didn't already know these steps then chances are you didn't make too many drastic changes. Nobody will want to play a leeched server. Best of luck, though![/QUOTE] .... I have already done all those things, and yes I have made changes so please stop. I'm asking how I should let others play, do I just put the whole client folder up for download or..? EDIT: And I have done searches... many searches. but everything that comes up is exactly what you said to do. But thats not what im asking.
  12. I've noticed that everyone who is against it, really has no real evidence. They just say, oh it messes up your brain or it will ruin your life. How will it do those things? Weed has mannny benefits that could be used if it wasn't outlawed over fears of other races, the fact is that it wasn't even outlawed because of the plant being bad, but because of other reasons. The only time I have seen marijuana make a negative impact in someone's life is because they get in trouble with the law because of it. Even though the law has no reason that they shouldn't have been allowed to be using it. Stupid..
  13. You also have to be running the server and no-ip at the same time as the client if you want to stop the "error connecting to server"
  14. Ok, so I have edited my server and made lots of changes so that the game is more how I like it. I can connect to my server myself but I don't know how to go about letting others play. Do I just put the whole client folder up for download or..? Please help thanks, I have teamviewer and skype if that helps. Also I am using a HybridPvp source. Thanks