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  1. [quote name='Danielxx']It's in one of the files for the starters i believe, i went threw rune evo a while ago, and found it was in one of those files[/QUOTE] I looked in the files that had the word "starter" and I found nothing involving dropping items on death. however, i did find that in the file "player.java" it had a script that dealt with dropping items on death and it seems to be the only thing that is used when a script uses death, to be exact: " dropItemsOnDeath();" anyway the coding that i found only had this: [QUOTE]public void dropItemsOnDeath() { if (getDifficulty() > 0) { sendItemsOnDeath(this); } }[/QUOTE] it doesn't work. I have died in the wildy, god wars, anywhere i die, i keep my stuff. this is all i could find involving item drops upon death. would it work if i added this (of some sort): [QUOTE]if player.isDead() getItems().dropAllItems(); }[/QUOTE] would that work? and would it appear on the floor where I died when I go back? (also, I understand coding enough to modify it, and only make my own scripts from examples. I don't know how to make a script from scratch yet. the script above that I assembled is probably incorrect.)
  2. i have changed [CODE]public void dropItemsOnDeath() { if (getDifficulty() > 3) { sendItemsOnDeath(this); } }[/CODE] to [CODE]public void dropItemsOnDeath() { if (getDifficulty() > 0) { sendItemsOnDeath(this); } }[/CODE] No Luck Anyone who dies will keep their stuff even if they get killed in wildy, or unsafe clan wars or anywhere else. no one ever drops their stuff when they die. i have looked everywhere in player.java and nothing. I'm not asking for someone to spoon feed me, I'm asking if someone know where I can find the coding that needs to be changed so everyone drops their stuff. it's wierd how if you die from the corporeal beast, you drop your items if you die and they are placed on the ground where you died. anywhere else, no luck. Again, I'm looking to learn. Not for someone to spoon feed me. Thanks for your time!
  3. [quote name='officiallulzs3c']+1 hes right. its 100% copied and pasted. everything you claim to have added is already on most 718+ servers/incredibly simple to add[/QUOTE] I thought leech comments were against the rules...
  4. [quote name='falconpunch']Oh my god. You didn't even change the name of the source you downloaded. You must be a professional.[/QUOTE] Excuse me, but who's the one having server problems here? [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?100560-742-client"]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?100560-742-client[/URL] Don't chirp if you have nothing to chirp about. I've spent 2 and half months on this. it's not just a "copy and paste".
  5. I was editing the item cache for my server, and I managed to figure out how to save. I started to edit the keys and values and learned that it can control bonuses, requirements, animations, etc... I didn't know what keys were which so i searched and found 1 result (after searching for half an hour) that brought me a small list of what each key was. it told me which keys gave bonuses, special bar, normal attack animations, and level and id requirements. I thought that was all I needed but I realized that there were keys higher than 800 in the items, and anything over 800 was not on the list. I also could not find an npc key and value list. Is there a list out there, of all the keys and values of npcs and items? Thank you for your time!
  6. Server shutdown for the week, I had some issues with computer Charging cord. I'm running on battery, but I'm working on a few updates: * fixing the dragons fire breath from hitting normal x 10 (so in other words, even if you are using ant-fire potion, it WILL 2 shot you. * adding specials to weapons that don't * a few others...
  7. [SIZE=7]Rune Evo Scape features include:[/SIZE] *100% perfect combat PvM & PvP *100% working Pking In wilderness *100% castle wars minigame *100% Clan wars PvP * All godwars bosses working 100% (you have to use the teleport list option) * Working Shops in varrock * everything you need in the Grand Exchange! * All skill working 100%! (except construction, there's no player home so you It's limited) * Is your weapon not available for sale? talk to the owner and He'll sell it to you! * Updated daily (server restart scheduled for 10:00 AM EST unless urgent) * 317 health (no x10) combat works perfect with max 99 health (no 990) All npcs health and max hit fixed for 317 hitpoints! * Difficulty choices include, Super Easy (500x exp), Easy (200x exp), Normal (50x exp), hard (10x exp), extreme (1x exp). Remember that I had to times the exp rates by 10 because you can only hit in the double digits (it is posible to hit over 100 but its as often as regular runescape, so not really often) with the max hits being 317 RS it would take 10x as long to level up so i times all the exp rates by 10 to even it out. * Following system perfect! * Vengeance working 100%! * all prayers working 100%! * Range combat 100%! * Dungeoneering 100%! * Slayer 100% *squeel of fortune working!! *in varrock square you will see a lot of npcs, they are for thieving training convenients! So much more!! When you start, you spawn in lumbridge. where the cows are so you can start training right away. There's teleports to rock crabs but i dont recommend that until atleast 30 def and 20 HP, bring lots of food, you are also given food at the start. 1 [IMG]http://i58.tinypic.com/2afye4k.png[/IMG] 2 [IMG]http://i58.tinypic.com/205441c.png[/IMG] 3 [IMG]http://i62.tinypic.com/do1njq.png[/IMG] 4 [IMG]http://i59.tinypic.com/i4n4b8.png[/IMG] 5 [IMG]http://i60.tinypic.com/ev2fsj.png[/IMG] 6 [IMG]http://i57.tinypic.com/2ugfbyg.png[/IMG] In the pictures you may see x10 health and hits, these are old photos (about a week and a half old) I recently made the huge update of regular 317 health and combat. [SIZE=6]The client Download: [url]https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=DB8E9A1EBE549720%21128[/url][/SIZE] [SIZE=5]if i missed anything, please let me know, I'll fix it as soon as i can[/SIZE]
  8. [quote name='Cart']We do not allow comments that are related to "leech". Basically a leech is a carbon copy, perhaps recently download server of a released source. So don't worry, that isn't related to you merely the people who like to spam ;).[/QUOTE] so if a few people posted "leech" a bunch of times, their comments will be removed?
  9. right. I've spent a few months playing around with it and I've learned a lot. I have changed the spawn, the stores, made it more accessible to level up at low level, and making a few things more convenient. It;s not the same as when I first downloaded it that's for sure.
  10. I'm thinking about putting my server up for people to join and I'm really not sure about the rule "leeching" "6. "Leeched!" Under no circumstances do we allow people to spam threads with this. All servers are a leech of some sort. Anybody seen posting this will receive an infraction and their post will be removed. NOTE: If any of these rules are broken, your thread may be deleted without warning (unless otherwise stated), so be sure to thoroughly read them." is it saying that if I put information on who's server creation I'm using they will remove my thread? I don't want to run my server without giving credit to the creator but does it really matter?
  11. which web hosting site did you use? I can't find any that seem to use all the files that you gave.
  12. this is a wonderful creation, Fox! I had no clue how to use this at first, but with pure will power not to ask questions i dived in, and with a little patience and searching it was a learning experience. I have a bit of knowledge regarding computers and a little bit of coding but not much. I was able to make my own server with your server. everything on the server was amazing, a few customization's and I was ready to run a server with my friends! port forwarding was easy. you don't need all those downloads from portforwarding.com. as far as I'm concerned they were a waste of time, all I had to do was login to my wireless router and it's built in! So what I'm saying here fox is, thanks for the server and thanks to you, I know a lot more about runescape private servers and coding. the only problems with the server (and very few) were, in the duel arena you couldn't challenge anyone. most ladders don't work. and for some reason in settings.java when setting the owner, it doesn't like numbers in the name. without numbers, it works fine. other than that, everything works great! I'm looking forward to any up coming projects you have.
  13. [quote name='A Duck Tale']Your exactly right. Word on the street is that there are a few projects that are being developed like this for different revisions, But I highly doubt they are going to release to the public. Imagine how many hours they would have had to put into everything in order to replicate 07 servers. Most likely these projects have been developing for years now. Just the idea that someone would release that kind of a source to the public FOR FREE is absurd, especially when a lot of leechers out there will claim it as their own work. On Topic: your best bet is to find a clean PI source and go from there. Because if you cant work off of a clean PI source, chances are you aren't meant for developing/owning your own rsps. If your response to that is "oh, but I've never coded an RSPS before....", all I have to say is that there's 100's if not thousands of tutorials on starting out with PI.[/QUOTE] well i have learned a lot in the past few months of modifying rune evo v3 made by fox king. i love his creation but i would love to start a fresh start from 317 though (with interfaces similar to the current old school runescape). personally i would love to spend the time completely adding everything into my own private server with 317. it would be well worth it. i just don't know where to start. have any recommendations?
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    Single Player?

    [quote name='Liem']Well, I can't connect, as I keep on getting the error_game_js5connect error when I try. From what I understand it's an IP problem. But anyways, i don't *just* want to play by myself on my computer. I want to eventually share the file with other people as a single player.[/QUOTE] I have the same idea but little knowledge. I can do a lot of things with the server but it's not the exact replica of runescape. that would be really cool if i could play runescape offline but i just don't know enough.
  15. i would love to know too! I'm probably asking for too much but, is there a complete old school runescape server source i can use. it would be a replica of 07 runescape. all the quests working, all the same weapons, npcs in their rightful place, the entire map of 07, exact source and cache of old school runescape 07, etc... again, not to shoot for the stars but it would be amazing if they have that on this site.