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  1. how to give people ranks?
  2. need the files pls.
  3. [quote name='Milation']I am getting the same error, did you figure it out? But thank you for this release it seems great![/QUOTE] try editing the clients ip.
  4. when changing the welcome message server sided it doesnt change at all when i join the game in my client. i compiled everything. but nothing seems to work for me?
  5. Looks awful but best of luck.
  6. Download link is corrupt.
  7. As seen by the title im searching for all the commands that you can use in that server + client.
  8. when i go over it it still says overloadx cape?
  9. Fellow members of RuneLocus, Is anyone of you aware on how to add customs in this client/sourche?
  10. i saw you where looking for co owner pm me on skype: iducohd