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  1. no it does nothing i' ve used god mode on other servers ive played but not created so i thought i give it a shot
  2. oh it won't let me connect to the server and I can't enter the world what should ido
  3. wow that's a great release :) Im going to try it if your admin can you use the donator features as I would like to test them out first?
  5. whenever i try it on that account it doesn't work
  6. Okay so i use this code case "god": player.setHitpoints(Short.MAX_VALUE); player.getEquipment().setEquipmentHpIncrease( Short.MAX_VALUE - 990); if (player.getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("Jay")) return true; for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) player.getCombatDefinitions().getBonuses()[i] = 5000; for (int i = 14; i < player.getCombatDefinitions().getBonuses().length; i++) player.getCombatDefinitions().getBonuses()[i] = 5000; return true; but i dont know what the actual command is ingame is it ::god or something or is there anything i need to add to use a command code like ::God
  7. how do i use these commands now ingame?
  8. Ive done the admin and owner thingy now the world is working fine, i would like to know how make commands, how to execute/use them in game:)?
  9. right so i downloaded the runelocus starter server its up and running but i want to devlop it to increase xp, add system chat and make myself admin and so i can be able to do commands and make it fun