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    OMG HAHAHAHAH this is so funny
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    slower than you can imagine
  3. bump -- updated : some guy gave me the code and when i ran the client it was stuck at Connecting to update server,and the client cmd says error_game_js5connect Help!?
  4. [quote name='Hope']@[B][URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/member.php?u=12"]Ziek`[/URL][/B] - This shouldn't be allowed here for copyright reasons. @OP, try making your own templates.[/QUOTE] If we're really playing by the rules then this website shouldnt existlolking
  5. [quote name='Daedalus']Yeah uhm, you need to make those images bigger[/QUOTE] Soz,updated
  6. [COLOR="#FF8C00"][FONT=Impact][B][SIZE=5] ANASTHEOWNER[SIZE=5][/SIZE][/SIZE][/B][/FONT] [FONT=Impact][B][SIZE=3] WEB-DESIGN SERVICES[SIZE=3][/SIZE][/SIZE][/B][/FONT] [/COLOR] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [COLOR="#00FF00"] [SIZE=4] Introduction [/SIZE][/COLOR] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, i am anastheowner and i am offering web design services for RuneScape private server websites,my designs look more like the current RS3 website,My services are cheap,affordable,perfect,and not to mention fast delievery. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [COLOR="#00FF00"] [SIZE=4] How it Works? [/SIZE][/COLOR] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First of all,let me make this clear,my services do not include graphic designing such as banners or logos,after you receive the files,you can edit the logos freely to your needs,Ill make a default logo for the site ( a simple one ) and you can edit it later. Also,i wont make you a website with a domain,you need to register a domain for your website,or what i do is give you the files that you will upload to your Webhost ( Or ftp server ),and if you cannot, set it up,i can help you -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [COLOR="#00FF00"] [SIZE=4] Pricing [/SIZE][/COLOR] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The price is between 5$ and 10$,it varies depending on when you want the website and your customization,this price does not include forums or a blog,this can be discussed later -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [COLOR="#00FF00"] [SIZE=4] Some screenshots[/SIZE][/COLOR] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( IN SOME PREVIEWS i used random pics for headers but ill change em later ) [url]http://imgur.com/A4krVVa,ctW1irh,usF2FGK,uCBzrhV[/url] ( 4 previews of 4 designs ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [COLOR="#00FF00"] [SIZE=4] Contact[/SIZE][/COLOR] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can add me on Skype [B]"AnasT"[/B] , If you cannot reach me on Skype then feel free to leave a comment or Message me on the forums
  7. Amazing,bookmarked!
  8. [quote name='StevenAbraham']try actually typing in "localhost" also running a server with an IDE isn't hard, i'd suggest eclipse but I know a lot of people around here don't like it, I only use it because it's all I know[/QUOTE] Ill try localhost when i get home and ill let you know what happens And Btw i dont think it would make a difference Thank you
  9. when i want to run the client/server or whatever i just run the server and client,both of them I am using localhost,i have tried and,im only using localhost because im looking for a good source that works so i can learn , and no,i do not know how to run it with an IDE.
  10. [quote name='StevenAbraham']Pretend you just turned on your computer and downloaded a source, what are all the steps you do to turn it on? List every little thing[/QUOTE] the first steps are 1.change IP in client.java 2.check signlink and locate the cache ( ONLY THE CACHE THE COMES WITH THE SAME SOURCE AND CLIENT ) 3.compile ( in source and in client ) i think thats it....sometimes ( depends on source/client ) i edit config,and gui the rest sometimes i just change sprites or names n stuff
  11. i get an error connecting while the client is loading even though i changed the IP ,ect some say its because of cache but i got the cache ( the one that came with the client/source ) and it is placed in correct location ,the only source/client that worked for me was trisidiax v3 but it was crap,i tried Biohazard 474 and i get error connecting to server even though i changed IP ( to localhost ) , and then i tried Project Decimal ( which i really really love and want to try and dont want to switch ) and same error,i tried another client/source and i still get this error i dont know what im doing wrong.....:mad::mad::mad: if you want my teamviewer ill give you BY the way does anybody know why client name in TrisidiaX source/client wont change,i edited,edited,and edited,but the only things that changed were background...and the IP ( i changed to localhost and it worked ) and the announcements in the chatbox....but it still says "Welcome to TrisidiaX" even though i edited it,and the client name on the top i changed it and its still the same,:| [FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=7][COLOR="#FF0000"]PLEASE HELP![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  12. Hi ill make you a forum how much you pay?

  13. [quote name='kira1234']well people told u what to do u dont need me :p[/QUOTE] Ya i dont need weird comments :D