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  1. Still bump bump , im sure someone here have cache lolking
  2. Paying for fix!
  3. Okay i'm coming back with this dupe. Well like i see, it's still working on multiple servers. And i can't find proper fix. So let's start. There is how dupe works : Player B and C sending trade request to A. Player A accepting B request. Player C relog. Player A will lose trade screen and player B will keep trade screen. Player C will send trade request to A, A will accept request. Player C will put items to trade and click accept. Player C will accept only first screen. And player A will accept both screens. After this player B will accept both screens [etc trading with himself] , after this Player B trade will close and player B will get items that Player C offered. Now player C will click decline, and Player C and B will get items.
  4. raivoolen

    [PI] Help asap

    All good guys, there was code that's was removed on player.java. Dunno who did that, but added this back :p
  5. Yeah i know, it's works on most servers [small servers] :D
  6. Bumpp, someone upload cache asap .-.
  7. What code you're looking for "ffs" lol
  8. raivoolen

    [PI] Help asap

    Okay i need help badly :C So i have no idea how it's happened or when its happened. But maybe someone know how to fix it :c So problem is: If you right click on someone, it's not showing "combat lvl" its saying "skill-and then random level" [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/Uaeq2WH.png[/IMG]
  9. I mean he don't even get banned, all its do is disconnect him :s
  10. raivoolen

    [PI] Trade Bug!

    Hey i need help with this: Player A trading items with B, Both accepts and after this A relog and he will get items back :C There is video: [video=youtube;F8drAd08ewY]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8drAd08ewY&hd=1[/video]
  11. Hello i have added GTL vote to my site, and i have added callback url here : [url]http://gravity317.com/vote/php/callback.php[/url] But still it's not let me vote, i mean i can vote on runelocus but it's keep saying " you need to vote on alll sites" I have tested on other toplists, works fine with other, so i think something is wrong with callback :(
  12. Still works :/
  13. Uhh i have one problem, if ppl reach 25 flags, then its just disconnect him and resets flag amount :c