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  1. I no way is a snippet, dont even say where to put it haha
  2. I also can help you, I have 5 years of 317 coding under my belt. Trevor.Miller. Is my skype name, if you can't find me on there just pm me here with your skype name!
  3. TrevorMiller

    Need a programmer

    Hello, If you would like to use me my skype name is Trevor.Miller. and i have been coding 317 servers for 5 years now.
  4. Yes, Very Simple fix, You have two versions of your server running. Exit out of both of the run.bat's and then run it again. Also I would like to check out your server, can you link me up?
  5. I am willing to pay someone to help me with my autocache downloader! It does not seem to be working no matter what way i do it! I have done it several times before but now it seems to just not work and I get Error loading...Please report.. Add me on skype Trevor.Miller. Thank you!