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  1. Thanks but won't that only get rid of the actual icon? Won't the box still be there? It will just be an empty box instead.
  2. Hi, I was just wondering how I would go about removing the whole box including the icon from the Skills tab. In this specific case I want to remove dungeoneering, since it is of no use to me.
  3. Hi, in my source I recently downloaded the normal trees are ugly and bright and have no texture. Does anybody know how I would fix this? It's really annoying me. I need to know where I can get a model for a normal tree.
  4. campop1

    Hosting Services

    Hey could we talk over MSN I would like to find out more about this as my server currently suffer from a lot of lag because it's hosted of someones home laptop. MSN: [email][email protected][/email]
  5. I know this thread is super old, but I am currently getting the same problems, especially with Saradomin. Help please?
  6. Thanks for this release, I have been using and getting rid of glitches. Like the double ::item command and other things.
  7. What I do is copy and paste all of my .java files from my client and source into a folder, and then use z-file searcher to search for the old name and replace all of the old names with the new names.
  8. I could be interested, I have a already well developed [PI] source which I would like to work on. The team could reform it how we wish, I know some small things to do with Java, like how to edit and add something. Add [email][email protected][/email] on MSN if you would be interested.
  9. Hello, I am in need of a hoster since for various different reasons I am unable to do myself. I will need you to configure the server yourself since I know nothing about hosting. I need the it would also be helpful if you knew something about coding since I know next to nothing except how to edit the obvious. I am planning on setting up a webclient in the near future and it would be good if you could help me. So let me know if you can either host my server or help me set up a webclient, preferably both. =)
  10. when I run my client for my server it gets stuck at connecting to update server Ive tried many different things and I can't fix this error. btw this is a 517 server.