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  1. I believe that all posts here are valid and have credits to them. I do, however, also believe that is in your best interest, Daudi Baldrs, to explore most if not all options presented to you for learning Java and RSPS Development. In the end it is up to you to decide what you want out of Java and RSPS. If you are interested in just playing around with the data values that affect small things in the game that may just be enough for you. However, if you want to make larger strides by implementing complex changes into the game then I must pressure you to believe that the basics of Java is and will always be a staple in your RSPS development. Learning the basics is an absolute must for anybody wishing to do more than just changing your Spawn Location or what items are in your bank. If you find that one day you have a cemented understanding of the basics of Java you may dive into the code of RSPS and you will begin to truly understand the language. I shall digress here. As you can see I am biased by the idea that good preparation and solid foundation will always push to have better structure and logic in your code. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if you will be a casual developer or one who wishes to pursue a self-taught education that is truly worthy of the name Java Developer. <FV>
  2. If you are just starting out in learning Java I would recommend going straight to the creators. Oracle hosts a great guide for anybody either just starting to learn the Java language or people brushing up on rusty skills. Here's a link to the Java Learning Trail: [url]http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/java/TOC.html[/url] Get started with the basics. After a while you will start to realize what you may need to do for a RSPS. Best of luck! <FV>
  3. I do not own a Mac nor have I ever tried to use this on a Mac. If I had to guess what you could do... The full code and command [MENTION=7458]echo[/MENTION] off Title Compiler javac -d C:\Users\FrostVolt\Desktop\RSPS\Client\bin GUI.java pause This is set up so you don't have to retype the command into CMD every single time you want to compile. Just a simple click will do. So where I would start for mac is just trying to make sure the java compiler will work. This means, of course, that you need the JDK to use the compiler. So open your terminal window and use: javac -version If you have the JDK the terminal will display your version. If you don't have the JDK, go download it! If that works try the full command: javac -d <Your bin directory in Client> GUI.java And that should compile your src folder's contents and place them into the bin directory in Client. If that works, great! But how do we now make a .bat equivalent in mac so we don't have to re-type that every time we want to compile? Getting it to work for mac I would assume that's what the .SH files are for in the same directory as the .BAT files. The creators of the RLSP (RuneLocus StarterPack) probably thought that not everybody would be using a PC ^_^ So they threw in those .SH files. Maybe try the compile.sh to see if that will work or look around on the web to figure out how to make mac equivalent of a .bat file. Hope this helped. <FV>
  4. This is my first how-to post on RuneLocus and thought I would post my solution to a problem I was having earlier on in my RSPS development. If you are using the RuneLocus StarterPack you may have had an issue where you try to compile your client using the provided compile.bat file and have a list of 100 errors displayed in the CMD window. To fix it I made a new compile.bat in the folder ..\RuneLocus StarterPack\Client\src And wrote this code and command inside of it: @echo off Title Compiler javac -d C:\Users\FrostVolt\Desktop\RSPS\Client\bin GUI.java pause After saving the file as compile.bat you can run it and it should compile every .java file in the src folder. This also includes signlink.java in the folder RuneLocus StarterPack\Client\src\sign Also note that you will have to change the command inside of the compile.bat to match your computers directory. For example, I used C:\Users\FrostVolt\Desktop\RSPS\Client\bin GUI.java whereas you may need to type something like C:\Users\Steve\Desktop\RuneLocus StarterPack\Client\bin GUI.java. It is also worthwhile to clearly explain what is happening in the command written. javac invokes the java compiler that is included with the JDK -d C:\Users\Frostvolt\Desktop\RSPS\Client\bin specifies where the generated class files should be placed GUI.java specifies the source file to be compiled This fix worked for me because instead of using the wild card (*) to compile all of the java files in the source folder I compiled directly from the main method in GUI.java The 100 errors came from the java compiler trying to compile the list of .java files from a top down, alphabetical manner. Starting with A and going through the rest of the alphabet until it ran out of ABC's. So when the compiler tries to compile from an Animable java file, instead of GUI.java, it blows up because it has no entry-point (Main method) to start at. I hope this fix helped you and I also hope to post more fixes in the future to come.
  5. The solution... I have found it! I was falling asleep tonight and sprung out of bed when I finally figured out what the issue was. I had changed my CMD Registry to have an Autorun for CMD every time I opened it. I did this I didn't have to change my directory each time I compiled my Java programs from a specific folder. So I deleted the Autorun, temporarily, which then brought my default directory to C:\Users\<Name> Ran the run.bat and Voila! It is up and running and now I can finally continue practicing Java on my own RSPS. ^_^
  6. I have been trying to figure out how to fix this for a while now and I am not certain as to what is wrong. I will be as detailed as I can be. I am using the RuneLocus StarterPack and every time I start the run.bat in the Server folder I get the a CMD prompt with the message: Could not find or load main class server.GUI The code in the run.bat file is: @echo off title Project Insanity java -cp bin;deps/poi.jar;deps/mysql.jar;deps/mina.jar;deps/slf4j.jar;deps/slf4j-nop.jar;deps/jython.jar;log4j-1.2.15.jar; server.GUI pause I took time to analyze the code to see what was going wrong and could not find any errors. I attempted to change my CLASSPATH Environmental Variable to multiple directories. Even including the user-defined classes for the RuneLocus StarterPack. I also played with my PATH Environmental Variable but I'm certain that must be correct since I can type java and get java -help feedback. To double check the CLASSSPATH and PATH I echoed both of them through CMD with: echo %CLASSPATH% and echo %PATH% from which I received: %CLASSPATH% and C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_45\bin I even tried to skip the middle man by not using the run.bat and just going straight through CMD to run the GUI.class. From that I get a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError. So my only thought is it must be a CLASSPATH issue. Here's where it gets very frustrating though... I have the RuneLocus StarterPack on two computers. It works on one, and the other it does not. I compared both of my CLASSPATH and PATH and the code of the run.bat file and everything matches up. It's all the same, from what I can see. Any thoughts on the issue here? I would like to also add that I did have this working before and I must have changed something not thinking it would affect it...
  7. Thank you for responding, Arix. I really do appreciate your feedback. I understand, mostly, what the cache is. When I open Runescape for the first time, let's say on a new user or computer, it will take longer to load because it's downloading cached data. This cached data is used to load the game more quickly as it is faster to call on the cache rather than to go server-side and recall the files needed. So when you log in with your character in Varrock for the first time it will take a few seconds longer than the next time you log in. With that in mind, isn't that were people get their maps, models, sound, animations, etc. If I think about, all of these cached files are static and all players will share them in common. So when a coder wants to create their own private server they somehow get the code for all these static pieces (the maps, models, etc.) so they can add NPCs and whatnot to them. Is this not what happens in a general sense? I'm really interested in pursuing Java, which I currently am, and practicing Java by making my own Runescape world. Thanks. ^_^
  8. How about you help me instead. Where do people get their source code from?
  9. I have a burning question that I would love to have an answer to. Everybody posts these source code files written in Java for all sorts of versions of Runescape. How do these people obtain these source code files? I have Jagex Cache on my computer from playing Runescape and would love to know how I can decompile this code to take a closer look. I know the answer is most likely not concise step-wise but I'm sure an explanation is out there. Thanks in advance.
  10. I've been trying for a while tonight to get my client compiler to run for the rune locus starter 317. Every time it runs I am prompted with 100 errors. I've tried every post for a fix on here that I could find in the past few hours and nothing has worked. I can actually run my server and play the game but every time I make a code change it will not update since it does not compile. Running the compile.bat on the client side the top of my CMD log states: src\Animable_Sub3.java:5: error: cannot find symbol final class Animable_Sub3 extends Animable { ^ symbol: class Animable src\Model.java:6: error: cannot find symbol public final class Model extends Animable { I've looked through the Animable_Sub3.java in Eclipse trying to find a missing bracket but I do not see one. What else can I try?