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  1. Hello! First time on editing my own rsps, got a really good client and source. I wanted to make my account owner and change stats but I couldn't because when I went onto data and opened my account on notepad the data I wanted to change wasn't there I got the information organised like ' ¬í sr com.rs.game.player.PlayerëÒ :}H pI GESlotI LoyaltypointsI MiningPointsZ allowChatEffectsI assistStatusJ bannedI barrowsKillCountI bossidI boxI chooseCharI clanStatusI coinsZ completedFightCavesZ completedFightKilnJ creationDateI crucibleHighScoreI deathCountJ displayTimeZ donatorJ donatorTillZ extremeDonatorJ extremeDonatorTillZ ' With no numbers to change things. Any suggestions?