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  1. nice release fox, i got some issues with the portforward is on 43595 but i cant change it to 43594 can you help me ?
  2. i need some help to put my server online i have done many things, but i still cant figure out how to put my server online i've portforward my ip, also have no-ip only i have to change serverip to my ip can some1 help me out?
  3. i've sended my skype name to your private box
  4. i have some issues with putting my server online i cant find the gui.java file to change serverip to my own ip can somebody help me to put 718 server online ?:confused:
  5. links are broken could you re-opload it ?
  6. Numse

    Rune-evo v2

    hi do you know how to put auto cache downloader in a server