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  1. Bump, i changed the whole pk def. Now its Sorta right , but like i switched from the default "kick" anmation into the whip , and it started kicking..
  2. [quote name='haloofpower']Pkdefinitions.java, most of the attack animations changed on the new cache. Just go get them from my server release on Rune-Server[/QUOTE] O ok thanks, should i just replace half of it, or the whole thing or just go through and change every single one.
  3. Base: Project dungeonfest Problem: Like every time you use like a whip or something, it will do this like "bury" or like downblock thingy, then do the whip anamation and if you attack a monster bare hannded you will just like do the "bury thing" again. My hypothisis will be that the anamation is messed up, but why would the whip/korasi/godswords etc be messed up with the basic attack animation.
  4. [quote name='La Alcancia']I've already changed my jdk path and I know how to use commands with the developer's console... I cant do some commands with it though ie: ::yell, ::players, ::commands)[/QUOTE] Well go into your command.java and see if the ::yell command is coded, if not I might be wrong [CODE]if(cmd[0].startsWith("yell")){ if (GameEngine.mute.isMuted(player.getUsername())){ player.sm("You are muted. If you want to be unmuted appeal at forums."); return; } if (player.MuteTime > 0){ player.sm("You are muted(This mute isnt perm just wait)"); return; } String yellText = command.substring(5); yellText = Censor.Replace(yellText); for(Player p : World.getWorld().getPlayers()) { if (player.getUsername().equals("david")) { p.getActionSender().sendMessage[/CODE]
  5. [quote name='var709']::yell, bosses and skilling zone. And some cute shops. ;)[/QUOTE] , but should these shops have Tradeable items?
  6. ....What do you guys think, like i mean i think a donator sign and maybe a certain mini-game or area or more improved skillling, or make it easier on them to enjoy the game.
  7. [quote name='davidpaceway']His RL name explains it all >.>[/QUOTE] yeah i guess.
  8. [quote name='SkrilleX']Get better at switching :O[/QUOTE] No i click them, but it like doesn't equip
  9. My name sort of explains most of it, but i'm trying to speed it up for better swtiches like and i might try to do a 5 item switch and it misses like 3 items? any ideas? or maybe where do i fix it at?
  10. I'm thinking about using this, but when i run i get an error and since i'm new to coding and would like some help with this error i get SERVE: error connection to databaste and it sais java.sql denined for user (then somebodys ip address) if its that ip adress thats causing the problem how do i get change it