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  1. Hey buddy, So I'm getting a java.lang.OutOfMemoryException everytime the server runs for a few minutes. Any idea what might be causing this?
  2. Thanks for the kind words!
  3. Thanks man! I wanna update it soon with more options so its easier to edit in case of a mistake.
  4. Zero's Matrix 3 Shop Builder Created by Zero What's up guys, decided since I was making this for myself to quickly put together shops, I could share it with you guys. It's a shop builder, so basically, it just streamlines building shops by speeding up times to collect item IDs with a search by name feature, and a copy or save feature. Anyways, enjoy! Features - Searching for items by name - Easy to use UI - Quick way to make quick shops - Tooltips for fields that may not be familiar to some How to Use 1.) Open the program and allow it to fully load in all of the items from the text document. 2.) Give your shop a name, specify its key, currency type, and if it is a General Store or not. 3.) Search for items, type in a quantity and add them to the shop. 4.) Repeat until satisfied, then click File and either save the shop or copy it to your clipboard. To Do/ Future Ideas - Built in Updater - Add search for items by ID - Streamline loading of Item Dumps - Removing items from Shop List - Attached Item Config Editor Media Download Virus Scan: VirusTotal Scan (1/61) EXE MD5 Checksum : FD5F3472B39044A74D927D5D95A6EDDD RAR MD5 Checksum : B7BE4EF483A425137912413507F39052 Download Link : MediaFire Link