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  1. Bump. Open beta relaunched. Official server launch delayed due to unforeseen IRL schedule issues that occurred after launch announcement.
  2. Bump. Getting closer to launch. New updates live on the final week of the beta server. Tons of content to enjoy come September 20, 2020!
  3. New Homepage Design, official Launch date set after long journey of a beta and eight months of total development. Updated media. Thread design posted (now outdated due to the hard grind on recent updates but still a valuable resource to me)
  4. Friendly bump. Been using EverythingRS services for awhile. Reliable & easy to use.
  5. You're not wrong, however, he has reliably offered this free service and a few others for a solid 2 years. I'm thinking closer to 3 years but this post in particular is over 2 years. This is perfect for people who don't have the knowledge or resources to build something on their own (yet).
  6. Its been a busy few weeks for the Dragonstone staff team but lets see some recent updates! Slayer Boots now work to reduce damage in Karuulum dungeon (Boots of stone effect) Granite Boots can now be equipped The equipment stats of the following items has been fixed to match OSRS; -Devout Boots -Granite Boots Updated Battle Mage droptables Updated Deviant Spectre Droptables Arrows now properly deplete if a player is not wearing one of the following capes -Ava's Attractor -Ava's Acuumulator -Ava's Assembler -Ranged Skillcape -Max Capes -200m Ranged Cape 5/19/2020 Walking away from the bank or dropping items now ends the banking process for players Full body support for most custom platebodies has been implemented All forms of Varrock armour are now supported as full bodies The ranged strength on all darts has been significantly nerfed. The bonus' now match OSRS Wiki. 5/21/2020 Gem rare drop table has been revamped -No gems are noted for normal players -Amounts of all available rewards has been reduced The base experience of most runes while runecrafting has been adjusted to match OSRS -Blood & soul runes currently left unchanged 5/24/2020 Camel mask now counts as a full mask Weapons & Gear tab added to the donation store Slightly revamped every other donation store Wrath runecrafting support has been implemented Wrath Talisman is now available in the Skill Point shop for 2250 points Wrath Talisman right click options now teleport players to the Wrath rune altar Support for Runecrafting pet (Wrath) has been added Bones to Peaches tab has been added to the PvM Point shop (3 points per tab) Draconic Kiteshield custom item has been added to King Black Dragon's droptable Draconic Kiteshield has had stats added Draconic Kiteshield and Ancient Wyvern Shield now protect against Dragonfire Dragonfire Ward & Ancient Wyvern Shield now have the proper stats Dragonfire Ward now protects against Dragonfire Item configs have been added for Dragonstone armor (Tier 3) Dragonstone armor (T3) can now be claimed by talking to Clarkeh after reaching 2000 total level Deep sea bait has had its default shop value raised to 725 coins Sand worms have had their default shop value reduced to 650 coins Deep sea bait has had its default shop value raised to 450 coins Dragonstone Platebody (T3) is now displayed in the dialogue box when claiming T3 armor Town Crier forced chat messages have been changed Draconic kiteshield now blocks 100% of dragonfire damage with a few exceptions (KBD mostly) 5/25/2020 King Black Dragons combat script has been heavily reworked to further match OSRS; The melee attack from KBD only occurs if a player has a distance of 2 tiles or less of the monster King Black Dragon's Dragonfire attacks can now hit up to 65 if a player has no protection from Dragonfire The rate at which KBDs attacks are chosen has been revamped to allow for more diversity Green/White/Blue dragonfire attacks have been reworked; --Shield or potion alone reduces damage received from these attacks by 50% --Shield and potion together reduces damage received from these attacks by 75% Red/Orange dragonfire attack is unchaged; --Shield or potion alone blocks a large chunk of damage. --Shield & Potion together blocks 100% damage White Dragon now has custom combat stats King Black Dragon now has combat stats matching OSRS Dragonstone Mystery Box has been revamped Chance to receive Drahonstone Mystery Box or Slayer armor pieces as additional loot from Slayer Keys has been reduced Dual-Bladed staff now has combat stats Dual-Bladed staff now has a double hiot effect when using Melee All XP scrolls have been named through out the server XP scrolls have been added to the loyalty point shop Loyalty shop has received a fairly large revamp
  7. Our latest client update has been released! Come check out over 50 new customs that have been added or simply utilize our new Status Bars while you grind those bosses or slayer levels!
  8. Very consistent updates here at Dragonstone to always improve the players experience. This doesn't include the HUGE client update we've been working on lately, come check us out and stay tuned! 4/30/2020 Fixed Avernic Hilt & Gem of dwarves Theatre of Blood rare drop global announcements Strength Bonus on the Justiciar Kiteshield has been reduced to +4 All game modes can now open the Loyalty Point Shop The price of the Dwarf Multi Cannon inside the PvM point shop has been reduced back to 1250 per piece -This is much more reasonable than 2500 if you ask me. Blood Death pet is now properly named within the server The price of Blood Death pet has been reduced to 600,000 Blood Money -Was previously 1,250,000 Blood Money Infernal Partyhat Daily Reward has been replaced with Infernal Key Increased the Minimum amount of Loyalty Points for playing per hour -This change also increases the Maximum of each rank Easter Boxes removed from the daily login reward Bonus XP books now save when players log out 5/2/2020 All Max Capes can now be right-click operated while worn Fixed an issue with Assembler and Saradomin max capes have mismatching Item IDs All variants of the Max Cape now require you to be maxed to equip them Colored Fire Max capes now have the proper 7% drop rate boost Colored Infernal Max capes now have the proper 7% drop rate boost Colored Infernal capes are now properly listed as untradeable
  9. The team has been working heavily on the client & server to provide the most enjoyable experience for everyone. A lot of fresh, new content is incoming but here's some of the QoL updates and small content additions that have been made to the live server lately! 4/25/2020 Starter rapier now adds a scaling damage boost based on your attack level -Forumula: newDamage = base + (attack Level * .04 + 1); Fixed the scaling drop rate boost for high-tier donators Dragon platebody now has the proper stats Dragon Kiteshield now has the proper stats All versions of Occult Platebody have had their stats slightly reduced All versions of Occult Platelegs have had their stats slightly reduced Anti-Santa spawn has been removed Enraged tarn spawn has been re-enabled 4/26/2020 Drakes & wyrms removed as possible task from Krystilla Drakes & wyrms added as possible task from Duradel The Dagganoth Mother boss inside of RFD minigame no longer hits twice Fixed an issue with non-aggressive npcs remaining aggressive after death if attacked by a player The global messages for donating have been changed to provide more privacy for the players donating Players pets will now teleport to them after death Droprate boosts have been capped at 80% The following items will no longer be announced as rare drops: -Dragon Spear -Grimy herbs (Noted or Unnoted) -Desert Robes -Rune Med Helm -Desert Shirt -Dragon Longsword -Dragon Battleaxe -Dragon Spear -Dragon Halberd -Dragon Boots -All Rock-Shell items -All Spined Items -All Smithing bars (Noted/Unnoted) 4/27/2020 People with 1k total donation amount now have a 1/60 chance to receive double drops after every kill People with 2k total donation amount now have a 1/30 chance to receive double drops after every kill The following melee weapons have had stats changed/balance -Primal Rapier (Buffed) -Primal Spear (Buffed) -Primal Warhammer (Buffed) -Shadow Lord Battleaxe (Nerfed) -Shadow Lord Greataxe (Nerfed, then slightly rebuffed) Ultra Mystery Boxes have been removed from the donation store 4/29/2020 Players are no longer limited to 1 account per Chambers of Xeric raid per computer Theatre of Blood lobby wait timer increased from 15 to 60 seconds Loyalty Point shop has been added The dragonstone database object in the home bank now displays the loyalty point shop The Dragonstone Database Object has been moved a few tiles to be more easily visible within the home bank All three types of raids now have a 7 man group maximum Removed the "Edgeville Castle" Crashed star spawn Strykewyrms tasks from Duradel now can be completed by killing Lava OR Ice Strykewyrms Lava Strykewyrm task now functions properly Devout boots can now be created by using a drakes claw on boots of stone Bonecrusher Necklace can now be created by combining a bonecrusher, dragonbone neckalce, and hydra tail Bonecrusher Necklace now has a passive prayer restore buff for bones burried -This buff works if you are wearing the necklace or have the necklace in your inventory Donator tokens are no longer named "Null" within the server Noon pet is now named in the server Noon pet now functions properly Celestial Snake pet is now properly named in the server Event RPG and Fixed device now have the proper animations
  10. Open beta officially over, live server still open until launch.. Any player with 8 OR MORE hours gets a VETERAN REWARD UPON OFFICIAL LAUNCH OFFICIAL LAUNCH COMING: LAUNCH DATE DELAYED. NEW ANNOUNCEMENT COMING SOON. FREE OPEN BETA HAS BEEN OPENED UNTIL LAUNCH, COME BE APART OF RSPS HISTORY BEFORE LAUNCH AND RECEIVE AWESOME REWARDS ON THE DAY OF LAUNCH Links https://www.dragonstone317.com https://discord.com/invite/HEVbqdW Latest Updates: Brand new Home page! Designed by Lantern Web. #189 Data packed Basilisk Knights Nightmare of Ashihama Brand new Custom Maps The Inferno New graphics! Updated media coming soon!
  11. I'm trying to use this source after a long time away from anything Java related. I have the source open in eclipse but can't seem to get the build path to build the missing .jars. So my noob question is, how do i actually run the source? lol.