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  1. Ummmm, a software will protect the server??
  2. No, it's not key logged, it's a password crack... Like when i ban or ip ban them they get back I cant get rid of them... I mean why with other server it doesn't happen, I'm sure they have a protection or something :( I mean they couldnt do that on pkmadness why it worked on us? :(
  3. If i buy a better vpn will it fix my problems? cause seriously i mean they can hack our passwords but they cant do that in pkmadness...that's why i thought that maybe we need a server protection...
  4. Hello, I'm admin in redemption-rsps.webs.com, And there's alot of hackers who are fucking the server recently... They are pass cracking us and they are spawning items and promoting players and demoting the staff members...They ruined the server...:( The server is new,like 10 days.... So i need a good protection for the server... I hope that someone is going to help me :( Thanks ~Apple