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  1. [quote name='mnm']ill help you ermm u got team viewer?[/QUOTE] Say first what u wanne do, so i can try first
  2. Can u help me ? My 43594 port is open, my client is set to the right ip bbut i still cant connect to it with my home pc (i host it on a laptop), my fire wal settings are also ok
  3. Just try it then u can see and btw if i put pics what u want pics from ... Mostly als source's are same in 508/525 Just test and u can see everything AND a virus scan is needed to me
  4. Hey, this is my server release PK/ECO server (releasing becuz im working on world of welf pking server lots better) Creds: Codeusa Synestia Me Feature's: -Home at shilo village - Fishing 70% - Basic mining and Woodcutting - Almost 100% slayer ,Slayer tasks,Points,Slayer Gem (no shop to spend points) - Barrows (made in my own style) - Skill Shops - Pritty Good eco - My own slayer tower - KBD, corp , gwd , - Own Quest tab - Anti- flooder - And all the other 508/525 Features's SORRY NO PICS VIRUS SCAN: DONT FLAME RELEASING FOR FUN JUST TRY IT ! DOWNLOAD UPPIT:http://uppit.com/9orl3hdo1z2y/My_517.rar HAVE FUN
  5. Wtf are ual saying i leeched i didnt leech , i added full ecnomy,barrows,wc,fishing,slayer,mining,thieving and the interface is for pvp targ thet im working on?....
  6. Hey, wanne host my server 508/525 here is toplist page http://www.runelocus.com/toplist/?action=details&id=2390 My msn : [email protected]
  7. Helm of neit, torag platelegs, fire cape, whip/ss/any gs, rune defender
  8. lol this is not leeched how u know u didnt even check .............. check before post?
  9. hey and when the servers back up, message me on here or on utube (user 55dog) :)