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  1. dubble

    Help Please

    Not really sure why, but its saying I dont have permission to access anything. I shouldnt be validating. This has been going on for a while. Was wondering if someone could look into this? Thanks!
  2. Yes, James Left me the Boomscape Source after he quit. Wanted to keep it that kind of feel, while adding new things aswell.
  3. UPDATE: New boss added! Leeuni!
  4. In all actuality, I came across your old server in an old forum post and that's what gave me the idea, Plus i thought Port Phasmytis was a prime home because of the name we chose for the server ^.^ So Thank You.
  5. I believe you. but with 1000's of rsps. every town has been done. At least its not Edgeville, The GE, or Yanille. lol
  6. Post Mortem is a brand new 718 Rsps with 24/7 uptime and Ddos Protection. PvM Based server with a stable Economy. (however skilling and pvp remain profitable) 15 Bosses All containing a 3% drop rate for a Boss Pet Vorago Has been Added with Custom Combat Script Friendly Community! Fully Working Clan System Xp Modes! Easy - Insane ( The lower the xp rate the higher the drop rate New Models, such as Virtus Wand/ Book, Ahrims wand/book, Seismic wand/singularity and much much more! Some Pics: Visit Forums at Postmortem718.enjin.com Client Download: HERE Mirror Download: HERE