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  1. Hey add me on skype looking for another full time coder for my latest project a ikov remake, got the support of youtubes with over 4k subs Edgar.correia20 add me on skype thanks

  2. Add rasmus.nielsen9500 on skype, I'll talk to you there!

  3. Hello, I'd love you to join my project on 317 (PI) Skype: ad1337-96

  4. nexonian

    Few fixes list PI

    [quote name='storm powner']for the crowns, look if the crowns for admins and owner are added into the cache.[/QUOTE] yup theyre added. they work everywhere except for split private chat
  5. nexonian

    Few fixes list PI

    1. How to add a special bar to hailstorm dagger...I've altered the itemassistant and combat assistant to give it a dds special but...no special bar. 2. How to change NPC spawn times, they respawn in 14 seconds and I can't change this. 3. When admins or owners send a pm it shows @[email protected] and @[email protected] respectively, but donators and others work. 4. When adding customs, some have .dat files while others are in .gz and come out saying "item name"drop.dat and "item name"wield.dat. Anyone wanna give me a quick runthrough on how this works? Post below any hints or fixes please! I'm not a leech/skid (except for the customs), I know how to change all this code but for some reason it's not working and I don't get any errors.
  6. the modicons work except for in PM's...it says @cr#@ respectively. Can anyone help?
  7. check your bankx.java or anything similar
  8. [quote name='Sir Zotic']Nvm...i fix it [img]http://www.upload.ee/image/3817324/fix.png[/img] [img]http://www.upload.ee/image/3817691/Screen_Shot_2014-01-10_at_11.34.28_pm.png[/img] But now 1 bug problem. When we receive the item we sell and we want to click our cash back it wont work.[/QUOTE] You're gonna have to edit the clicking buttons i think, so when you click interface button > get cash
  9. nexonian

    Starter packages

    this will be in config.java if i remember right
  10. I have no idea how your guys' code works, but I'm pretty sure you guys have to add the code to "replace *bagicon* with *item*"
  11. [quote name='storm powner']hint: equipitem[/QUOTE] where do you see equipitem? i think the problem may be that you may have CHANGED the writing to say offer, but it still uses the same command as EQUIP. Go into your clickingbuttons.java and check it out
  12. Age: 18 Position applying for: Trial Dev Past work: Modscape (owned and coded, had 50 online at a time, admin on acrylicx as well as coded a few things, have helped 8+ people start up and code their server for free) Experience: Gr 11 java, most of my experience comes from hands-on learning through coding for others and myself. I've coded multiple custom interfaces, commands, and even minigames. Dedication to a project (on a scale of 1 to 10): 7 (I'll always be online to code after 6pm est, however can only really dedicate myself once I'm free from university applications, so I'll be working slowly but surely) Right now I have school, so I'm applying for a Trial Dev spot. I'll be paid with experience itself :) We can talk about pay once I really start contributing. Skype/Any type of contact info: calvin.luga
  13. nexonian

    PI Help

    it will be either in your clickitems.java or client.java, I'm guessing clickitems.java (I'm not home to check, this is a guess :p)
  14. ^^ what he said. tell us your problem and we can figure out if we want to add you on skype or not :p
  15. nexonian

    I need help

    maybe the cache link for the server isn't updated, try redownloading the client and FULLY deleting all caches, maybe only a few files got deleted.