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  1. QuakeScape


    Need help NOW!!!!!!!!! skype; immelonburst
  2. skype; immelonburst
  3. can a other person help me please? izjosh don't be able to do it
  4. yes i saw some tutorial but its to hard for me.... I really need someone please
  5. yes i set the commands vote to the link and i set type ::claim after voting but i don't set anything when we claim and idk how to set like 20m cash to claim when doing ::claim
  6. i don't know how so i need someone who can do it
  7. yes but i need when player type ::vote to go to website and after claim a reward
  8. i said not just the commands, im able to add the commands but the other thing like madturnipconnection and all abut this i need help for that
  9. but i check and my pc ip is online but my server is running on my ipv4 is it normal?