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  1. Here at Born2Brid, we want to make your gaming experience memorable. We offer the switching superior to any other server, we also have shops with some of the coolest items out there. Not to mention that all minigames are working. Born2brid has active staff. If you need help, request assistance and a staff member will teleport to you. We have Clan wars, Bounty Hunter, Fist of guthix, Weapon Game, Fight Pits, Duel arena, pest control, and much more. The Server is very stable. Perfect Switching in my opinion. What are you waiting for, the best RSPS out there is waiting, join Born2Brid Today! *NOTE* If there is any questions or concerns, contact Twinkie from the forums or add him on skype ("twinkiefromsparta") [video=youtube;orm8YH4fV5k]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orm8YH4fV5k[/video] [IMG]http://i60.tinypic.com/2ntits3.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i59.tinypic.com/21n2rkp.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i59.tinypic.com/2z9fp84.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i61.tinypic.com/2n15njk.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i61.tinypic.com/n54ius.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i58.tinypic.com/2j4r237.png[/IMG]
  2. There is this dupe which is called protect item dupe. You go to the wild. You Get skulled. Go to a boss. click the protect item and then die you get x2 of that item. Please help!
  3. Is there anyway of changing the public chat text color? Here is a picture of what it looks like. [ATTACH=CONFIG]9686[/ATTACH]
  4. I can't attack a player when i'm in fight pits. If anyone could help, would be appreciated. I added this into client.java. } else if (inPits) { getPA().showOption(3, 0, "Attack", 1); } else if (getPA().inPitsWait()) { getPA().showOption(3, 0, "Attack", 1); It still doesn't show. Really need help guys Here is a picture of what it looks like [ATTACH=CONFIG]9655[/ATTACH] [url]http://prntscr.com/2gn3z3[/url]
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    Willing to help anybody on their rsps, customs, etc.. Skype: twinkiefromsparta -[FONT=Arial Black]Twinkie.[/FONT]