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  1. I'm attempting to edit the XP rate for my 317 server and the only file I found that held this information was Constants.java I edited the EXP_RATE value there, saved, compiled, and switched the Constants.class file out with the previous one. The server loaded up fine with no errors, but the XP rate was still right as it was before I changed it. I've looked at several tutorials and they all reference a "config.java" or "client.java" file that needs to be edited, however no such file exists in my server source. The only place where I can find the string "EXP" is in Constants.java, so naturally I went to edit it. This is quite confusing as there are no errors showing up and I don't know what could be wrong. Even when I view the Constants.class file with jd-gui, it shows the edited EXP_RATE that I put in, but on the server it's still different. This leads me to believe something else must be telling the server to override or keep the XP at it's original value, but I couldn't find any other files like this through the file search function... If anyone has a clue to what it could be or where I should look to edit, please tell me. I've been solving error after error on my own but now I don't have a hint as to what is missing or wrong. Thanks.