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  1. Hello, I was just having a problem with jar making. I have always had other friends do it for me because I could never get it down. I have watched youtube videos and other tutorials on how how to jar but it never works. I have no idea if it's my client or just me messing up, I have changed all IP's in the client side of the server but not the source because I'm not sure if you have to or not. I was just guessing not because I couldn't find any files with any IP's in them. But I watched a youtube video, got to the end, everything worked out fine, and when I click on the jar client nothing happens. Yes, I double clicked and the blue circle next to my cursor was spinning for a second, then nothing. I change the IP in my files to my VPS ip and jarred the client on my PC, I'm sure that's fine. Somebody help please, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
  2. Would it be possible to make a rsps just like legacy mode on rs3. Where it looks like rs3 but the hud and everything is eoc
  3. Bluie

    Help with a 317

    Okay this might sound really noobie but I literally just started doing this. I downloaded a blank client and i want to take off like the file, runescape, ect. at the top of the client. [url]http://i.imgur.com/wX2PnVK.png[/url]
  4. Nope. I would like my butthole to stay intact.
  5. Watched a little with my grilfriend but understand alot.
  6. Im looking to start a RSPS with another person. I have a coder and i know how to build websites and do graphic design. If you can host a server and would like to start one add me on skype. If you would be serious about this i am willing to put money into it as well. Skype: mindofbluie