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  1. I was wondering how much it costs to promoted your server on rune locus i can't seem to find the prices on the website if you could link me below or message prices i would appreciate it (was thinking of buying) :D
  2. I am new to coding and want to work on a blank source/client to start off with and work from their i have little knowledge in programming so i will be needing a lot of help :) but i am patient and will try to get things done i'm from UK so if you could be from around that time online or from UK that would be helpful a lot... my 317 server i want to start it as unique as possible with great content. Most bugs/dupes patched, exp will be hard, to give the Eco a nice feeling to the start of release! (when most players will join) i will tell you a little bit more about how i want it and you can tell me things you would want to add to... thanks, if you could post a Skype name below that would be great =)
  3. If any one could link me to a working client,source,cache which is fairly tidy and easyish to code. i would really appreciate it. a blank server would be the best but if not any other servers are okay,,, p.s this can be any prefix 317,508,637,718 etc. - troy. thanks :)
  4. Ill buy this for a 5'er lol :D?
  5. If you can help me with this, ill leave a thanks and maybe a payment aswell i just need it downloaded :), add me on skype leonwilson1234
  6. I've downloaded the runelocus starter kit its not in there ;) thanks for trying to help though.
  7. can someone help me change my background i've been trying to change it all day it just doesnt change, if you can ill do anything in return except cash thanks in advance. SKYPE NAME - LEONWILSON1234 do on team viewer or tell on skype?
  8. I'm going to take this as a compliment just, i would like at least one person to help me make this and learn to code with me rather than me just ruining it up every time for the exactly the same reason why i've done this. thanks for the post though, but i just put everything down tbh like i said i've only just downloaded :)
  9. [SIZE=5][FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR="#0000CD"]I have downloaded the starter kit of runelocus but i think if i do this on my own im just going to get bored and tired, so if anyone would like to help make this rsps with me i will be greatful and here our some of the things i need doing.[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE] also im really sorry for the low offers on cash due to not having a jo[COLOR="#FF0000"][/COLOR]b at the moment :l [SIZE=4][FONT=System][COLOR="#FF0000"]DICE BAG 100% with clanchat 1-100 - able to do 1-10 and private/clan rolls. (3$) SOULWARS MINIGAME - soulwars tokens. (2$) GRAND EXCHANGE - does not have to work just area. (1$) CASTLE WARS - tickets rewarded. ($1) CLAN WARS - kill streaks ( 5+ ) = (1)cxp ($3) HELPERS (BLUE CROWN) @ DESKTOP. ($1) ADD YELL COMMAND - ability to mods and helpers ONLY. (free would be nice) ADD SOME MORE TELEPORT PLACES/TABS/COMMANDS E.G ::EDGE (free would also be nice ) FULLY WORKING PARTYROOM ($1) ITEMS WILL DISSAPEER WHEN DROPPED (AFTER PARTROOM ADDED) ($1) -after party room- ADD KILN MINIGAME & KILN CAPE AS REWARD. ($2) add nex armour ($1) change nex armour specials. (free?) ADD KORASI ($1) ADD SOME BOSSES ($1) ADD SUMMONING (depending on how well u do it $1-5) ADD DUNGEONEERING (depending on how well u do it $1-5) ADD PKSHOP + POINTS ($1) ABLE TO HAVE AN NPC AS A BOB "SUMMON" kind of thing ($2.50) ADD A VOTE POINT SHOP ($1) ADD A STAFF & DONATOR ZONE ($1-3) ADD ANTIUQE LAMP = ADDS A CERTAIN AMOUT OF XP. ($1) ADD A MYSTERY BOX = RANDOM GIFT OUT OF CHAOTICS, ($2) ADD CORRUPTED ITEMS (free?) ADD ZARYTE Bow ($1) ADD A BANK VAULT OR AN ITEM TO CARRY OVER MAX CASH. ($2-3) [3 if you fix bugs/dupes] ADD YELL COMMAND ($1) ADD ALERT COMMAND ($1) ADD ::FULLSCREEN ($1) ADD A ::MODTELE2ME, EMERGENCYS ONLY. ($1) add auto vote/donation command ($1) add 4 modes of diffrent xp (kind of like other rsps's) MAKE ANOTHER SERVER - MEMBER ($1) ADD ALL BASIC PLAYER COMMANDS. ($1) ADD A GAMBLE GUY 25% OF WINNING X2 - RECCOMENDED TO DICE WITH TRUSTED PLAYERS- ($1) ADD LOYALTY TITLES "TRUSTED DICER" "RESPECTED PKER" ETC. ($1) ADD ALL WORKING SKILLS 100% (CONSTRUCTION I DON'T NEED). ($3) ADD ALL 714+ MAPS ($1) FIX BUGS/DUPES ($1) each 5 dupes/bugs -theirs a fair amount- HAVING FULLY WORKING HELPER (ONLY ABILITY IS TO YELL) ($1)[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE] IF SOMEONE CAN DO ALL OF THIS "ILL PAY $50" and if you don't use the currency "$" just search $ to e.g "£" people who do it for free ill reward you to a donator with credits included (might be open July-ish) or if interested you can be an admin (wont be able to spawn) Just code. [SIZE=5]SKYPE NAME = "LEONWILSON1234", don't post links/guides i need you to do them do download team viewer Not going to give you a link but find it your self its "trusted". [/SIZE] (if i posted this to the wrong forum just tell me where to post , thanks )
  10. wow my server is broken:: "exception in thread "main" java.lang.noclandeffounderror: org/apache/mina/common/IoAcceptor at java.lang.class.getdeclaredmethods0<native method> at java.lang.class.privategetdeclaredmethods<unknown source> at java.lang.class.getmethod0<unknown source> at java.lang.class.getmethod<unknown source> at sun.launcher.luncherhelper.getmainmethod<unknown source> at sun.lauhcher.launcherhelper.checkandloadmain<unknown souce> caused by: java.lang.classnotfoundexception: org.apache.mina.common.IoAccpetor at java.netURLclassLoader$1.run<unknown source> at java.net.URLclassloader$1.run<unknown source> at java.net.security.acesscontroller.doprivleged<native method> at java.net.URLclassloader.findclass<unknown source> at java.lang.classloader.loadclass<unknown source> at sun.misc.launcher$appclassloader.loadclass<unknown source> at java.lang.classloader.loadclass<unknown source> ...6more press any key to continue _ _ _ please help me with this took me like 10 mins to type out no joke ;) thanks in advance, troy