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    Need a lot of work done also looking for a perm dev, Will pay message if Interested. It is the near reality source and is a shard.
  2. [quote name='pkingftwscape']I never ran a server on a linux server before so I would have to take a guess that you need to reconfigure some of the files. You can't just move it straight to it.[/QUOTE] Hey! Thanks for the reply. I found out from a few other sources and friends that since Linux is case-sensitive. Each file has to be exactly typed and match wherever it's called in the server. So if one file is trying to retrieve Example.java and there is an example.java it will not work due to the capitalization of the "E" in the first Example.java. This seems like a lot of work to go through and fix each one and check, but I also heard Eclipse will check it for you! I just can't get my project loaded in Eclipse due to the way it's laid out... I have no idea how to use eclipse either when loading my server into it. I do it right, but to no avail does it work. If you know how to setup eclipse with a rsps server let me know :)
  3. First of all if you think you can try to help in any way please add my skype: Preston_childress I recently moved my server to a Centos VPS. I never had problems running and hosting from my windows 7 laptop, but now after moving to vps this occurs. The client can connect and does connect to the server, log you in, then when time to load the world/screen you disconnect and get a T1 error. Check the image below for more specific pictures. Thanks if you can help! Trying to log in on once. [IMG]https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/360x113q90/819/pjb9.png[/IMG] Trying many times: [IMG]http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/800x600q90/547/r07i.png[/IMG]
  4. Forums is setup and everything else but I got a database error and need to fix it. Once it's fixed I'll need a full time Web Dev to setup vote etc... The game is online but we need to fix the forums. Message me if your interested.
  5. I made the shard auto-cache dler and it works on my computer but not on anybody else's help!
  6. Good product but when it came time to buy, not very impressed. I offered to pay Paypal and got a reply that he would rather take Runescape 2007 GP. After agreeing on 5m Rsgp for the VPN Package 3, I had around 2.9m in cash and the rest in items. The item's weren't amazing but the overall wealth was over 5m. Since the items weren't to his "expectancy" he decided to make fun of my offer. The deal was then cancelled and I happily found another provider. He then said "You really think I need the sale?" making note that he doesn't need my business. If he doesn't need my buisiness, he obviously doesn't need anyone elses. I advise you to stay away. If you wan't customer service, I do not recommend HardCloud. [ATTACH=CONFIG]9638[/ATTACH]
  7. I have a shard rsps server up and unfortunately the ::item command works for every player. If I don't want the command to be used the solution is as easy as commenting out one line in commandmanager.java. But what if I do want to have the ::item command only for owner rank. I have a .java file for almost every command but to no avail do I have a item command java file. In the end my question is how do I make the ::item command owner only? Thanks for all who attempt to help/read this!
  8. Bump it up please i really need help.
  9. I recently got my hands on the Near Reality v13.2 source which is a shard and I have no experience with shards. I am having trouble getting my shard online and I was wondering if anyone who is good with shards could help me. When I change IOThread.java in the source folder I suddenly get an error upon execution that says cannon assign requested address bind. I have the port forwarded and am not sure what the issue is. It works with but not with my no-ip address. Since i have no prior experience to shard based rsps's i would love to have someone from rune locus to help me over Skype or team-viewer.
  10. I need to add chaotics, Tokhar-Kal, Primal, Nex, stuff like that. I am paying. Also looking for a web developer who can make a professional forums (not a free forums) willing to pay also. Just pm me or reply here if interested.
  11. Hello, I have a 317 server that is in progress and I need help putting it online. I change the Ip's and I portforward and it never seems to work for me. I am new to this so I am probably making a stupid mistake but if anyone could please help me I could reward you(idk exactly but we can talk). Ill vouch or anything just if you help me, I have skype, Teamviewer anything will work. I'll be available anytime I have my last two finals tomorrow then I am done.