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  1. For the main site (non-forums) it has quite a nice layout, but I'd enjoy to see it a bit 'smoother', one recommendation that doesn't break any browser compatibility is CSS3 transitions, elements like the navigation for the height expanding, the menu hover could slowly change, this can be accomplished with something along the lines of: [CODE] -webkit-transition: background 300ms linear; -moz-transition: background 300ms linear; -ms-transition: background 300ms linear; -o-transition: background 300ms linear; transition: background 300ms linear; [/CODE] If whomever codes the site isn't familiar with CSS3, I personally use a tool to remind me of cross-browser compatibility css-tags called "CSS3 Generator". Additionally the menu I'm not quite found of the -amount- of padding it seems to have, it seems obnoxious. Other than that, it's looking nice! Keep up the good work and thanks for reading.
  2. Yes, I'm indeed referring to "MyLocus". I'll private message him/her, thanks for the information.
  3. I never received any activation for my initial registration on the main site (yes, I checked my spam). I can't seem to find any link of which to re-send activation. If you could either provide me a page of which has the activation url, or a staff member could activate my account it'd be appreciated. I attempted to also go through the FAQ but nothing seemed relevant. Thanks.