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  1. alirhgt ill try but I know that will not work I think box 5 is a background of some sort
  2. okay so the way I learned to do it was to copy the icon I want from one cache open the sprite I want to change and paste over it and crop it if it fits that way you don't have to change any client sided code. its really simple that way and it does work ive done it for two servers. but for this server it looks like there is literally an image just sitting there.. so here are the three files in the cache that I have changed and it did not work.... [URL=http://imgur.com/kOEbPVh][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/kOEbPVh.png[/IMG][/URL] [URL=http://imgur.com/N3PWzSb][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/N3PWzSb.png[/IMG][/URL] [URL=http://imgur.com/YO6DYbe][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/YO6DYbe.png[/IMG][/URL] as you can see in the last image that is where I changed the sprite but it still isn't work :/
  3. he said it on the release the only reason he is releasing it is someone bought it from him and he figured since its already out he might as well release the work he has already done on it lol
  4. zizema660

    Compiler help

    and might need to add [code]-cp .[/code] to it
  5. should be a file called prices.txt find it and find the item you want free make it 1 gp everything must cost something. 1gp not big deal
  6. zizema660

    client black screen

    yeah use cacheloader, and create a dropbox link to extract from lol.
  7. zizema660

    RuneLove 718

    looks like its trying to read a file named main but main doesn't exist and it needs to read Main but I cannot personally assure this is the problem im sorry
  8. oh and all of the skill icons are completely changed but it still shows those incorrect icons
  9. okay so I am trying to replace the skills with a nicer interface in my opinion. here is what happens when I try to change them [URL=http://imgur.com/h9wP9iK][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/h9wP9iK.png[/IMG][/URL]
  10. [quote name='missmini']That 3rd answer xDD Those questions are funny but your answers make them look even more funny :D and I think that Sir Zotic's 3rd question means: How to add interface to object? [COLOR="#00FF00"]Answer: (Not sure if it work also with 317) For objects: 1. Search for [I]ObjectHandler.java[/I]. 2. Look which option your object uses by going into game and checking what message you get when you click on object you want to add interface to check also what's the ID of that item if you don't already know it. 3. In your [I]ObjectHandler.java[/I] search for "[I]public static void handleOption(The option number from part 2)[/I]". 4. Below that there are propably lots of objectIDs there.. Then you take a good spot from there between 2 IDs and put in this code: [I]else if (id == (your objects id)) { player.getInterfaceManager().sendInterface(interfaceID);}[/I][/COLOR] I don't know if that helps you :D That's as simple as I can it make.. or maybe it's so simple that it makes it look difficult? xD[/QUOTE] well you are sort of right here is the problem, project exile is a sabotaged file that was created to be to hard to edit so people cannot edit it. but the answer to question 1 would be look in commands.java search for "player" look for the error mate, every server that was leeched and worked this command never worked. second there is no client.java its integrated into all of the files. or in other words renamed gameengine.java and for the last question I think your referring to objectmanager.java, spawnconfig.java that's my guess honestly I think you should quit trying to leech server and give up find a new one lol
  11. eh its fine I give up haha ive been trying to figure out how to host my server forever and not really getting a lot of help on the one thing haha, but thank you em [:
  12. the biggest error is that there is no working compiler for the client lol so good luck