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  1. Why does this happen? [ATTACH=CONFIG]10354[/ATTACH]
  2. It was fun! Maybe I can win next time!

  3. Thanks for your entry! #2 place.

  4. Permanens

    Come on guys.

    [quote name='Cart']No, I think a ban stops a account from posting.[/QUOTE] Yes, that's true. It's just that people here are so quick to cuss you out for saying if you like or dislike something.
  5. Good luck. The best ok servers are 317s, so I hope you get somewhere!
  6. Permanens

    Come on guys.

    [quote name='Cart']There is a report feature. [img]http://puu.sh/5Q2v7.png[/img][/QUOTE] Yeah but just because someone reports someone doesn't mean that person will stop..
  7. Permanens

    Come on guys.

    We need need a "random" section where people can be random.
  8. Permanens

    Come on guys.

    I realized why people steer away from the forums here at Runelocus. People here are way to quick to jump the fun and cuss out the other people here commenting. I haven't been here very long, but I have witnessed it numerous times already. Everyone here needs to take a deep breath and relax before cussing at someone for stating their opinion. Just be cool!
  9. My friends brother is 12 years old and has written his on game in Java. Age has nothing to do with the validity of someone's skill.
  10. Maybe because there isn't actually a project... It's just an idea.
  11. Client.java you changed the server? Did you download no-ip duc and assign?