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  1. I had tried downloading lots of different servers and couldn't get them to work. I now have a working 718 server because of help i got from this thread :)
  2. Yes, i'm not buying one, i am simply asking for help to get a working one running on my computer. In return i will pay $20US through paypal. If i was buying one, which i'm not, i would be paying alot more than $20US.
  3. notification

    Easy $20US

    I'm looking for a 718 private server to fix, upgrade completely remodel it and make it my own. But first i need a template, a 718 server that has already been started. I am most likely only going to use it myself! only paying through paypal. I want the source , client and cashe and then the money is yours! I will pay first if you are a trusted member of runelocus. Leave your skype usernames and i will message you.
  4. I will most likely only be using this for personal use!
  5. i want a 317 server to practice some coding on. All the download links i see are either no longer available or i can't get them to work. I want a server that i can log into for now and that is all. i can add the rest on my own. If you get me the client, cashe and source then i will happily reward you. I only pay through paypal! Leave your skype if you got the client, cashe and source and i will message you. i will go first to trusted people otherwise i will not. I get confused with java paths which is why i couldn't get the starter kit from runelocus. help me work it out and i will pay you !
  6. [quote name='StevenAbraham']Just because all skills are trainable doesn't mean it has all skills COMPLETED. Very few if any servers have all skills complete. OP: Before anyone would look into this they would most likely want to see your price range.[/QUOTE] I never said i wanted the complete thing, i just want some method of training each skill
  7. [quote name='Stacx']And exactly how much are you going to pay? idk how long it will take someone to make this, it all depends on that. chances are it is going to be to much for me but idk. can't find out without asking can I?
  8. [quote name='Stacx']And exactly how much are you going to pay? just lol[/QUOTE] what? don't most servers have all skills working??
  9. I don't know if anyone would like to help me out or not but i am willing to pay through paypal! I would like a 718 server to call my own. If you know how to code 718 servers and want some spare cash leave you skype in the comments and i'll contact you. I pretty much want you to completely make my server. i would also like you to teach me some simple things that i don't know. what i want in my server is..... every skill working with dunge just a boss fight. working nex, bandos, armadyl, zamorak and saradomin bosses corp to work! i want a slow training rate! maybe 20 times the amount on normal runescape want a number of commands added in. i want but don't need a high scores page. i was 3 different levels of donator (donator, extreme donator and vip donator) i want me as owner and a co-owner spot followed by head moderator and moderator i want original fight caves, fight kiln with rewards working. i want a home set out with plenty of stores. if you are keen in helping me out and making some money, leave your skype name below and i will contact you!