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  1. Hello, I'm currently working on my RSPS and I've run into an issue. The revision is 664. I've already made it so that players can't teleport while in the wilderness. My issue is, a message is connected with the teleport. For example, [CODE]player.getPackets().sendGameMessage( "<col=00ff00>Welcome home, "+player.getDisplayName());[/CODE] They would teleport nowhere, but still get the message. It would say: [COLOR="#FF0000"]A magical force prevents you from teleporting![/COLOR] [COLOR="#008000"]Welcome home Brennan! [/COLOR] I've tried adding, this to the code: [CODE]if (cmd[0].equalsIgnoreCase("home")) && (getWildLevel() < 20) { }[/CODE] But that doesn't seem to work. Anyone help?
  2. My spawn is in edgeville. So, If I make them spawn there, I want them looking towards the pvp. It's not only in edgeville either, it's anywhere I make a teleport. Thanks for replying, but do you know a fix to this?
  3. I've been working on my server for a few days now and I've finally decided to try to fix this. Whenever I use commands to teleport, for example ::home, it faces the wrong way. I want the player to be facing north, but he is facing south. Here is the code from my config. Should I change anything? if (cmd[0].equalsIgnoreCase("home")) { [I][U]M[I][U]agic.sendNormalTeleportSpell(player, 0, 0, new WorldTile(3093,3493, 0)); [/U] [/I][/U][/I] player.getPackets().sendGameMessage( "<col=00ff00>Welcome home, "+player.getDisplayName());
  4. Hello, im currently creating a 718 Runescape Private Server. I'm still working on some things but i've run into some problems. I've Jared my client recently but for some reason it won't work this time. I've followed a video on youtube. I've opened JarMaker, I created a folder on my desktop called Webclient and selected that as my output directory. I named my client ServerName.jar. After selecting my output directory I changed the input directory. My input directory was Desktop/Server/Webclient/Bin. My input was my BIN in the webclient folder. After doing these steps I create my Manifest Template. Since the server was 718 I put my Manifest to Loader. I then went into my client and opened Loader.java. I created a NO-IP and changed the ip to my NO-IP address that I created. I checked my port forwarding and everything was done correctly. My port was set to 43594. After doing all of these steps I Jared the client and sent it to a friend through skype. He opened the webclient but all that was there was a screen saying "Checking for updates 0%" and it stayed there and never went up. Someone please reply to this and help me out. I do have skype and a working mic so if you'd like to speak with me I can also do that.
  5. Hey guys I've spent a long time trying to make a webclient for my RSPS. I've port forwarded and completed all the requirements needed. I've downloaded Jar Maker and i've watched youtube videos most of them are two years old but I still followed them. I got dropbox and the HTML but when I put the HTML on my website it tells me client.class. Someone please help me, i've spent a lot of time and patience on this and it still wont work. Thanks for reading. More information: Skype - Alienwarebz I'm willing to pay if someone can help me fix this problem. Also feel free to send me messages on Rune Locus, i'll be replying.
  6. I download it and everything, i'm currently trying to give myself a rank but I can't seem to find player rights in the file player.java - Can you help me out?