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  1. Cart missed 17 Edit 18 due to cart editing.
  2. Server looks well developed only thing is that it looks too much like a leech from Ophion. I am not saying it is but it looks awfully similar. Nevertheless I will hop on and give it a shot.
  3. This would be the only change I would say. Move plugin to the bottom of the page.
  4. I've been doing well, stopped being active again due to college becoming more important in life; and yourself?
  5. Thanatos

    RS3 or OSRS?

    Oldschool will always win, I myself no longer play Runescape but know for a fact that people would rather play something SIMILAR to 2007 than play a game that has great graphics yet does not feel like Runescape. Nostalgia always wins yet is it really got any nostalgia left? It will never feel like 2007... Serpentine helm? Okay... Abyssal Dagger? Okay... They took a game and just added so much shitty content that it just resembles a Private Server nowadays. Most expensive item is what an Ely? No goal in that,
  6. I'll take your word on it this time.
  7. Thanatos


    Looks like a decent server, although I did spot multiple spelling mistakes which are obviously easy fixes but it gives the server more of a professional vibe!
  8. See I would join but Notorious never lasts. Every other month it's down then back up, down then back up. It's a good server don't get me wrong but I have lost faith because of this.
  9. Thanatos

    Donator Ranks

    What will happen with Donator Ranks and would they be re-instituted soon? On a side note it is understandable if you haven't added the group and icon etc yet.
  10. Looks good! Can't wait for more forum related updates to revive the scene.
  11. [quote name='woofdawg']the forums dont use default :s? [url]https://gyazo.com/81da1c3858f2a4408d834e0ba4cd0054[/url][/QUOTE] Use Animate skin, then customize the header.
  12. [quote name='Arix']Have you checked it out? It doesn't work properly and is full of bugs.[/QUOTE] I use it myself on my other website and the only problem with it is it's overly large.
  13. [quote name='Arix']There is no shoutbox plugin available. There's no rush.[/QUOTE] For IPB 4.0? Yes there is, it's called a Chatbox not a Shoutbox.
  14. Server is definitely pay2win. Played the Server for a couple of hours and found out that you can't buy any gems and have to kill dragons and craft them yourself. So how the hell do people have 200m xp in crafting? From Donating. For normal players it's unfair as the server hasn't been released for too long and already a player has 3.5b xp. The Server really hasn't changed much since 2013 besides quests and they are now just outdated like CloudIn. Sorry for this but it is my honest opinion. For people who donated mass amount on the previous server which uses the same name and source get nothing in return which is a massive let down.
  15. [quote name='zelix rsps']Hey, Thanatos. Thanks for the reply. The message sent from that statement was that we are not trying to imitate or be like the previous large RSPS' who copied RS. We want to be different and apply our own content which must be approved through the community before-hand. I keep a close relationship with the community and stay active. They know my limits though. The server will not show any sigh of favourism, certain scenarios already took place that illustrated your point and I believe we handled it very well because we kept the economy and the players happy. Our economy and playerbase are our top priority. Our community all provide help and we all abide by the general rules of any RSPS. Don't get me wrong, the server is very well structured. We work very hard to give the players what they want. (I barely get 5 hours of sleep haha). And with the help of our paid ads we will shortly increase our playerbase. Just to finish, I would love for you to come and try us out. I'm sure you'll understand a bit of what I'm saying. Thank you, Luis[/QUOTE] I completely understand what you are saying, a small word of advice before Ziek sees your Advertisement Title is to Change it to Zelix 317. - Part of the rules which is unfortunate but I think it's to do with title spam. To your query on me coming and trying out, unfortunately as well I rarely, pretty much never play 317s. The only 317 I played was SoulSplit for an hour and then never played again.