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  1. Will resume updating this thread with more things from my archive.
  2. [video=youtube;bkgzXpKbVGE]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkgzXpKbVGE[/video] Best CGI I've ever seen from them. Apparently they are trying to move in a KotOR direction with this expansion pack. I'm not sure what graphics updates they will introduce but the apparent story line and features being introduced in this expansion pack are something this game has needed for a long time. IGN's interview with the developers in regards to the expansion can be found [URL="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=808Mv2KtO4s"]here[/URL]. Thoughts?
  3. [FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=7]6[/SIZE][/FONT] [SIZE=1]............[/SIZE]
  4. Jett

    3 weeks at sea

    Hey guys, I've been underway aboard the USS Harry S. Truman for the past 3 weeks and only had minimal internet access so I apologize for those of you that kept looking at my Downloads lost to the internet thread for updates. I got flown off the ship on one of my squadrons helicopters, here are some pictures and a video that hopefully makes up for the lack of progress on that thread since I left. [img]http://i.imgur.com/jVWnTs0.jpg[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/kg6ixUL.jpg[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/EWNu0ia.jpg[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/zqAtloC.jpg[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/zwFhHVV.jpg[/img] The video of us flying off the ship: [video]http://tinypic.com/r/vyp2ki/8[/video]
  5. Cart is correct [MENTION=257885]mkwork[/MENTION], there are certainly cool things to take from these bases as far as content and protocol but they are definitely not production ready bases. This thread is here to establish an archive so that the bases that have distinguished themselves in the past don't vanish forever. EDIT: Found and added "sadistic" 377 base.
  6. Jett

    Need help with interfaces

    The ID's you're looking for are the child ID's. It's the same for packed and hard coded. [CODE]Parent: 5292 Id: 5383 "The Bank of RuneScape" Parent: 5292 Id: 5384 "Close Window" Parent: 5292 Id: 5388 "Withdraw as:" Parent: 5292 Id: 5389 "Item" Parent: 5292 Id: 5390 "Rearrange mode:" Parent: 5292 Id: 5391 "Note" Parent: 5292 Id: 8132 "Insert" Parent: 5292 Id: 8133 "Swap"[/CODE] So if you wanted to change the text "The Bank of RuneScape" to "The Bank of ExampleScape" using the code snippet you provided it would look like this: [CODE]c.getPA().sendFrame126("The Bank of ExampleScape", 5383);[/CODE] I'm not familiar with the way people "hard code" interfaces since I've always just used tools to do it but I can infer based on the code snippet you provided that the child ID you are looking for is 10001. If for example you added an image to the interface before that text, the child ID for the text should be 10002. The child ID should always be the base ID + the amount of children till you reach the one you want to modify. If this doesn't satisfy your question PM me and I'll go more in depth.
  7. [quote name='ReDNeQ']I have been asked by many of people to get into this scene. They are wanting me to host some different servers on one of my boxes. (server at colo).. Are these 317 vers good to start out with? Really looking for something that has a good base, and will allow them the ability to modify fairly easily..[/QUOTE] Most of these bases are programmed poorly, having various bugs as a result. I don't recommend using these in a production setting however, they can provide deep insight into various protocols, invaluable front-end content data, and much more. [quote name='ReDNeQ']thanks in advance. Also, with my limited knowledge in this, I do have to say, I have clicked on more DEAD links from other threads claiming to have 317 sources to no avail... THANK YOU...[/QUOTE] You're very welcome! These will remain here forever; if one or more links fail I will migrate them all to a host that meets that standard.
  8. [quote name='vgamesx1']Perhaps I should be a little more specific, I meant that the only files I have are the same things you can find within the first 10-20 pages or so which don't have broken links, (the easy to find stuff basically) because I only recently started to get into setting up a server.[/QUOTE] If you have anything you think would be valuable to this effort in the future, please contact me. Thank you :)
  9. Added some more bases! :) 317: rs2dv_verek, saleenrs-master, No-Doze, LightRune, Figmentscape, DEVOLUTION_X 377: rs377d (and netty version), Whitescape (377) 484: rs2hd 484 (Stewie) 503: RS2E 503 (Palidino) I have tons of landscape keys for 484-513 (most of which I dumped myself when those revisions were live!) that I'll validate for bases I post between those revisions. Once I do, I'll post them on here as well. [quote name='vgamesx1']Thanks, I would contribute myself but unfortunately I don't have anything you can't already download off the forums, although I do have a bunch of music tracks if anyone wants em. Lol[/QUOTE] I did a little more research into the bases I posted. Some of them actually have live download links but it took me 3 hours of searching to find that only 2 of the 508 bases I posted actually have live download links (mirrors on some low end forum buried in the forum archives). The point of this isn't only to bring back bases that cannot be obtained online anymore, it's to keep people aware of the bases available to them. A release in page 100 is just as lost as broken links.
  10. I appreciate you bringing that to my attention [MENTION=130904]vgamesx1[/MENTION], all of the links have been fixed.
  11. For sure. If you, or anybody else has something to contribute please do!
  12. I don't remember when it was released and if blakeman8192 was actually the developer that released it. The copyright notice says "2010-2011" so we know it was authored in 2010, and probably dropped sometime shortly before or after 2011.
  13. This thread is still under construction! I know it's been a long time since i originally posted this but now that I'm active again I will resume updating this with things in my archive until most, or all of my archive is available to everybody. Anything that is requested by the community will come first! I am still archiving more recent releases that feel we may want to reflect upon in the future but those are low priority for this list since all of those have live download links on their respective release posts; As those go dead or removed I will add them here. Here are a few things from my archive I thought people might find useful. This isn't nearly the extent of my archives! You may request others and I'll dig for them in my archives and if for some reason its not there, I'll find it for you. If you have any contributions to this thread post them on here, or private message me the link. I've tested everything on this thread and will test any contributions to ensure they are safe for you to use. Enjoy! Recently added to post: 414 Client Rename by Leanbow 414 Deob with cache Rereleases: iFlareSoft (Open Source from one of the developers) Shard Revolutions (Original release) R-S official server RuneForge 317 (SiniSoul) rs2dv_varek rs2d v2.2 LightRune DEVOLUTION_X_crash_patched Figmentscape 3.0 & 4.5 Project No-Doze (Server, Client, and SQL Tables) Saleen RS (Nikki) rs377d (original & netty versions) blakeman8192 sadistic 377 Sabsabi 459 Jinrake 459 484 MysticFlow rs2hd 484 (Stewie) Summon-Pkz 508 xSocket 508 (richard1992) Elisium Base Source Full Package RS2P 508 (peterbjornx) Server 508 (Palidino76) 508 Base By Harry Andreas Osiris (blakeman1892) The New Age (508) rs2hd (Graham Edgecombe) This thread will be continually updated as I sift through my backup drives, several thumb drives, and all of the cloud services I've utilized so far. It's far past time that people with archives like these put them up with reliable links so that everybody may learn from the bases, and the mistakes we made in the past so that we can improve our bases moving forward.
  14. [URL="http://www.************.org/runescape-development/rs-503-client-server/downloads/492138-scapeemulator.html"]ScapeEmulator[/URL]
  15. I am definitely adding you on Skype. I was never very good at the web development side of things and need somebody to get things settled for my website.