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  1. Hi guys i tried to add a ring of weath which when you wear it drop rates are doubled so i edited npc.java and compiled and this came up [ATTACH=CONFIG]10764[/ATTACH] if anyone can help me understand why please add my skype pkdaily thanks
  2. [quote name='Sir seppe']Place this in inventoryoptionhandler Handleitemoption7 [code] if (!player.getControlerManager().canDropItem(item)) return; [/code] Then go to Controlermanager.java and add this [code] public boolean canDropItem(Item item) { if (controler == null || !inited) return true; return controler.canDropItem(item); } [/code][/QUOTE] Thanks hope it works
  3. [quote name='Sir seppe']I guess you need to take a look at inventoryoptionhandler[/QUOTE] Ok thanks
  4. Hey crypto here Im using powersurge source but when i right click to drop a item nothing happens and item stays in inventory if someone can help me i will appreciate it alot Thanks- crypto
  5. hey guys i currently downloaded powersurge but i need a client for it and im not sure how to explain whats wrong but if you could add my skype i will explain it in more of a further depth im sure it wont take alot of your time and i really need this to work if anyone could help please add my skype codercrypto thanks thanks thanks :D
  6. i dont have class 443.java
  7. Hey guys Coder Crypto im currently making a pking server but i was wondering if anyone knows how to make sort of dice permit so only those type of people can dice but i also want them to keep their donator rank. maybe people have a glittery effect around them to show they have a permit if you know how to do it could you please help me because i would really appreciate it add my skype : codercrypto
  8. This will be extremely useful thanks :D -Coder Crypto
  9. [quote name='Fuzen Seth']People these days... Before in RSPS scene it was all different, people actually wanted to learn nowadays it's stupid shit like this.[/QUOTE] agreed for sure also ENSO FTW !!!!
  10. Ive used his source to code many times its helped me alot in runescape private servers so thanks poanizer :D
  11. Nice but not my type of server :D not going to use -Coder Crypto
  12. Hmm i could help you code if you like i currently know how to code 317-718 revisions and im very experienced
  13. Not too bad but you got alot to be fixing lol