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  1. Hey guys, as you may have realized already, but this is my first post. Now most of you will see that and think "oh look! Here is a noob wanting to become big". But my reason for being here and posting this is to ask for some advice and to look for people to chat and socialize with. Now, personally, I have hosted a server or two in my time (I know, I know, everyone says they have). But seriously, I have. The one main reason for my downfall with those servers was because I was running the game updates, forum updates and the website updates all on my own, whilst holding down a 6 days a week 9-5 job. Now to the real reason that I am here. I am looking to host a server, which will be all expenses paid by me. And you may be wondering why I am posting this, and the answer to that is because I am looking for 2-3 people to help me with this journey. [CENTER][B][U][COLOR="#000000"][SIZE=6][FONT=Arial Black][COLOR="#FF0000"]INTRODUCTION[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/U][/B][/CENTER] My name is Nathaniel and I am 18 years old. I am from the UK and am currently working as a computer architect for a company who specialize in custom made office suites. (Basically I make the computers they put in the offices). I studied IT and Business in college and got my diploma specializing in programming (Python). [B][U][CENTER][COLOR="#FF0000"][SIZE=6][FONT=Arial Black]THE TEAM[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER][/U][/B] The team I am looking for must have a variety of skills that we call all collate together and work efficiently to achieve the goals set. [B][U]THE "WEB DEV"[/U][/B] Every server needs a website developer. Now I am not asking for someone who has years and years of expertise in this field, but someone who is a dab hand in designing web-pages and knows quite a lot about mySQL. The role of the WebDev will be to maintain and the website and the forum. They will have the rights to allocate moderators to help them advance with the social side of the forums. [B][U]THE DESIGNER[/U][/B] The designer I am looking for must have some basic skills in designing graphic designs which will be implemented into the server. These will include the clients loading screen and the in-game custom weaponry and armor, as well as some custom interfaces within the servers game. I would ideally be looking for someone who has experience in designing weapons and armors that can be put into the game, as well as knowing how to do so. [B][U]THE WRITER[/U][/B] For this role, I will need someone who is very knowledgeable in the field of programming and is able to write custom code to help advance the server and widen the limits of what is possible within the game. The writer will be working alongside me, flattening out any bugs and fixing any glitches that may occur within the server. The programmer must be able to debug properly and have good understanding of not just the server side of the game, but the client side too. [B][I][CENTER][FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=6][COLOR="#FF0000"]Conclusion[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/CENTER][/I][/B] With all of this being said, I am happy to take on more than one person for each role as long as they can work alongside their co-developers. I will be picking the team from applications I receive via Skype and will then go on to discuss what revision of server we should use to promote the most unique aspects we can give. Once the revision is set, I will then set up a file share that we can all again use to start developing different aspects of the game to perfect the source before hosting it. Once the game is near completion I will get together a host and upload all files. The team will then have access to the server and be able to develop it further. Only when I am satisfied that we have a loyal team, I will start hosting the server. Thank you for reading and please proceed to send me your applications via skype: Nattypj Regards, Nathaniel P.S. please be prepared to back up your application with evidence.
  2. nattypj

    Anti-leech Rant

    I have released a few with some anti-leeches but that's for my benefit only, like so I can go in-game and get admin for myself. But apart from that I think there is no need for anti-leeches. But yeah, i'm selfish but people ask me for a way to remove this anti-leech and I'm more than happy to tell them.
  3. Objecthandler.java has an error, and also your commands.java will have an error in it. Search through and find them!
  4. Go to combathandler.java, that's what I use in my 667 source. Never coded a 718. If not, add my skype: Nattypj and i'll be more than happy to help you out further.
  5. [quote name='imabigkidnow']Whenever i try to change simple things like the Quest Tabs, Control List, to different commands and such it works for a minute until i click on it, and then changes back to Poanizer's Project and all of his commands? How do i fix that... Help please![/QUOTE] You need to change one in interfacemanager.java and also one in buttonhandler.java :) Hope this helps
  6. [quote name='vChronic']how do we turn antihack off???[/QUOTE] Try this tutorial. [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fo11QLyKZp0[/url]
  7. Think this will be good for people trying to start their own rsps. But to be honest, this could have been more detailed as you repeated yourself quite a few times.
  8. I would start with a completely new cache and re-pack it first, then re-insert the custom npc's
  9. [quote name='Number 0']Pwnscape was probably my favorite which later was renamed to RuneXile then to PwnXile and now it's called OwnXile.[/QUOTE] I played this so much before I started coding....
  10. I wouldn't say you are doing this correctly. Use Something Cachey to pack new items in, as well as frostys cache editor.
  11. Just purchased one.. Legit. Fast reply, good vps. Better than any I could find online.
  12. Looking for a co-coder who also owns and VPS. I have a playerbase of around 15 players who are ready to start playing again. If you need me add me on skype: Nattypj Please do ask. Thanks Nat
  13. [quote name='Chronicscape']Wrong. We already got his bonuses set so yea... I doubt you know what had to be done properly lol because he was missing a key component to pack the bonuses which i gave him.[/QUOTE] I work on 667's rather than 718's. But thanks for letting me know that this was resolved.!!
  14. I have jdk 6, 7 and 8 downloaded. JDK 6 is used for my client. JDK7 is used for my compiler and JKD8 is used for my npcdefinitions. Make sure you have all of these downloaded before attempting to recompile. Also, on your compilers, right click and edit in your versions of jdk. Make sure that if you have the (x86) version you put it.