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  1. added you on msn. Wanting to buy auth for $10.
  2. how much for ventrix?

  3. [quote name='bl00dshooter']Two things: 1. Piracy does hurt developers, especially indie developers. You might not care about hurting CEOs who make millions of dollars, but there are also the average programmers who depend on the money. 2. If the person was not going to purchase a copy in the first place, I don't really see any harm. They are not losing a potential sale. Mind you, games can be much more expensive in other countries (I, for example, have to pay sometimes over $150 for a ps3 game). 3. It might hurt a company, but it is NOT, by definition, theft/stealing. Stealing is taking someone's property without authorization and with no internet of returning it.[/QUOTE] Your first statement is solid. Your second statement I disagree with, but I really wanna focus on ur third statement. Let me use a real world example. If I come over to your house take your car without permission and drive to the movies with the intent of bringing it back to your house after, would this be stealing? I'm pretty sure cops would not care if you had an intent to return it. It is still [B]STEALING![/B]
  4. Sigh... I really hate how seculars and philosophers ask dum questions like this. Is this chair I'm sitting on really real? How do I know? Why should you get mad at me calling you ignorant for using wikipedia as a source and saying God is very unlikely as the creator although Intelligent Design is clearly evident? The universe isn't real now is it? No point in getting mad then or even replying to this post :). See my point? Your reasoning is illogical.
  5. I love how this thread is made up of mostly people who want weed legalized cause they already smoke it. Weed does have a quite a few negative side effects as clearly shown through science. Anyone who believes otherwise is an idiot. [url]http://www.theeffectsofweed.net/negative-effects-of-weed/[/url] is just one example I found on google in 5 seconds. About.com said it best, "Although legalization activists and many marijuana users believe smoking pot has no negative effects, scientific research indicates that marijuana use can cause many different health problems."
  6. No, America was stupid for electing him once. Remember how he said there will be change? Well there was. He hurt small businesses by requiring them to have benefits. Taxes have increased under Obama, and his major campaigning slogan to bring the American troops home(which i'm glad he did not although he did not keep his word obviously). Why should we trust him a second term? LOL, especially after he basically tried to stop credit card interest and look how that turned out :S Rates went soaring. My health care plan alone rose over $90. Obama did say there will be change. change left in our pockets. I wish people in this forum could actually debate things intelligently :S
  7. [quote name='Electedz'][b][size=7]big vouch for bink! Changed the prices in my storee fast / easy !! Wll be paying for more help this friday when i get paid.!![/size][/b][/QUOTE] Please tell me you didn't really pay for that. It takes like five seconds and you can use the search bar.
  8. Piracy [B]IS[/B] theft. I know many of you feel that although companies have a large amount of money and dont need more piracy is fine. However, these companies the people running it worked for their money. They deserve the money they take in. Personally, if I was in the CEO chair, I would not want people stealing my merchandise either. If piracy was made legal, one copy would be sold, put online, and everyone else would download it. Of course, this is an exaggeration, but shows a point.
  9. Honestly, how many promises has Obama fulfilled? He said there will be change and there was... change left in people's pockets. He's just another politician who lied his way to the top particularly in one case that he would bring the US troops home. Right as election year came around the corner, he decides to want to look good for election year. The problem with politics is it has nothing to do with what a person will actually do. The way someone gets elected is if he can lie better than the other politicians. I'm not saying that all politicians fall under this category, but the vast majority do. Obama was one of the greatest mistakes America made imo.