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  1. yzh

    Biggy needs your help!

    WARNING THIS GUY SCAMMED ME 25USD and if Ziek u see that I couldn't reply for proof that he scammed me so i'm going right now to send u a private message of the proof. Dont help scammer
  2. yzh

    Biggy's Services.

    [SIZE=7][COLOR="#FF0000"][/COLOR]WARNING DO NOT USE HES SERVICE [/SIZE] [SIZE=5]he scammed me for a web developping I paid him 25USD first and after he logged out for about 15-18 hours and after when he logged back he deleted me on skype ! DO NOT USE HES SERVICES SCAMMED ME 25$[/SIZE]
  3. Hi, basically I need a pro coder to fix and add things to my server if you are a professional just send me an inbox with your skype in it and I will add you so we can talk about what to fix/prices etc ... My server is a 718-747 just saying :) thanks
  4. Hi, basically I need someone to do me a site and forums for my RSPS, and for something else so if you are a professional please leave me a message in my inbox and ill send you my skype or you can just send me it and I will talk about what I want :) And if you do GFX to let me know it <3 Thanks sincerely YzH
  5. Hi, I need a pro coder to code/fix things in my server I will pay send me an inbox of your skype and I will add you and we will talk about the prices and problems to fix thanks !
  6. [SIZE=7][COLOR="#FF0000"][/COLOR][/SIZE] DONT DOWNLOAD VIRUS ! : [url]https://www.virustotal.com/fr/file/6eab7cef8b5bdfdbd5eddb4c347b98533bc3ee605b0f48c30b15300728aee757/analysis/1385419421/[/url]
  7. All in the title but yeah can someone help me to add drygore to my server? PM me your skype or amessage thanks
  8. Someone can send me a cache 751 please? and drygore models
  9. it will still don't work but a guy helped me and took a long time to fix all errors
  10. yzh

    Help for run error? Please

    dude just saying im on serenity one ... u will cannotplay on runelove even if you fix the compile its have alot of errors and you posted the resolution after i paid oyu for free pfft
  11. yzh

    Question about Cache?

    Did someone have a cache that you can wear drygore and all thing? please thanks
  12. yzh

    Serenity not loading?

    public static final String IP = "", LOBBY_IP = ""; ?
  13. yzh

    Serenity not loading?

    Well I have no error like in server and client but when i open the client its not loading it stay at 0% ? and the source is loaded and allshit what i do?
  14. i open the server and open the client after all is working good but the client is not loading stay at 0% what i do?
  15. yzh

    Help for run error? Please

    [quote name='Gripper']Fixed this! :)[/QUOTE] I Vouch Gripper