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  1. 9/10 It's very good, I just don't like parts of the font.
  2. Karriah


    Have any of you guys ever played CrisisX? It was top dog back in its day, and was pretty populated (500+ players). Well post reminisce about if you have played it here. Oh, and it was recently re-released, if you want to try it out again its at: [url]http://crisisx.com[/url]
  3. Looks good, I'l have to mess around with it.
  4. [quote name='Rub My Pussy']and how is smoking weed ANY different than smoking a cig? Both require the burning of carbon that is absorbed by your lungs when you inhale, which can lead to breathing issues and cancer. Both are addictive and weed itself should only be used for medicinal purposes only. Last thing I want is NA to smell like Amsterdam. People do die by weed, simply because it's not flaunted by media other than through drug-trafficking or otherwise does not mean it doesn't exist, too much of anything can kill someone, water, air, food, anything.[/QUOTE] People do not die by weed. You have a much higher risk of dying by eating barbecue food than you do than dying from weed.
  5. Thanks for redirecting me, this topic can be closed or removed now.
  6. I prefer "Like" and "Dislike" over Thanks. but we could have them all. :D
  7. What would be the immediate and long term results of the legalization of marijuana?
  8. [quote name='StevenAbraham']Finally a post that actually answers the question, only took 4 days[/QUOTE] Yeah sorry just got here. It would be more of a mix of Portuguese and Spanish though.
  9. [quote name='Ikiliki']This is about an user's activity, [I]post[/I] [I]thanks[/I] have nothing to do with activity of an user :) [/QUOTE] It shows that users aren't just posting random things though.
  10. If it wasn't English It would be Spanish. Different versions of it are spoken throughout the world, and it's not too hard for others to learn it. You have to understand that I'm not speaking of real Spanish, It would be some weird merge of all current spoken forms.
  11. Everything except a new forum. Just expand this forum so you don't split the community.
  12. Karriah

    question pl0x

    You would be the father to a nephew/niece.
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    General Drug Thread

    Awwh. So once again I'm the only tweaked of a community. T-t oh well.
  14. [quote name='ShishirG2']Because what if I'm banned. I still want my name to look attractive when I'm banned.[/QUOTE] Completely agree. If you're banned you want people to remember you for who you were.