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  1. brody

    Xlite 718

    can i get a link to server :3 <3
  2. How do i add custom items into teamtorva client / source i have tried many ways but i always get a error can someone help me ( team viewer ) or just by posting a link to a tut on how to add custom items
  3. brody

    HElp me

    Me and a mate are making a rsps But when i give him the file to see if it would work on other peoples computers so we can put on internet it didint and came up with a error javaw cannot be found I thougth that happened becouse he did not have jdk or java Then i checked my run server it had this in @echo off Title YourClient name here cd Client Start JAVAW -Xmx400m -cp .;Theme.jar Gui 0 0 lowmem members 32 exit So how do i fix it so other people can download and play on it without getting an error
  4. brody

    My General IRL Thread