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  1. The following is by no means aimed at saying this server has a useless staff team to scare people away, as I have yet to even check out the servers website! Besides, the players can decide for their-selves whether the staff are a joke or not, I look at it this way I'm a manager in a store the staff on this server are my supervisors and the other players are the sales assistants, if one sales assistant thinks a member of my management team is a joke, chances are they just have a problem with the guy/gal, but if half or more have a problem with someone in the management team, the supervisor is the problem and not the sales assistants, works jsut as well on a server like this, if half or more of the player base thinks a mod or admin is useless then he is. Anyway gonna try the server hahaha! just figured I'd let people know how to spot a joke amongst staff team, as this works the same way on all servers not just this, I just usually end up with my expectations too high for some servers as they don't know how to deal with a worthless staff member properly, thus showing unprofessional-ism.
  2. Ahawker

    Eliwen - 718

    Brilliant server, hard to find a server with staff as great as these guys glad I decided to try it out.
  3. $250 for Extreme Donator, sounds like someones trying to pocket "donations" the point in a donation means you should be a non profit organisation, and only running your server off of the money not your life.
  4. Is the server owned by Ramie AKA SomeBrownKid or you just using his old servers name for some different server?
  5. Ahawker

    Arios 530

    Why should changing the Jagex due to him not being affiliated with Jagex matter tbh, whether you do that or not it's still copyright infringement it's jagex's game changing a few things around and changing a few items names and colours do not change the fact that Jagex copyrighted their game which protects every aspect not just their name. Although that's true it doesn't stop me from playing them, it's the creators that will get the fines at the end of the day.
  6. Links aren't working.
  7. [B]The following is not to make your server look bad it's feedback after playing most servers as to what you need to do better, to live up to what you've put in the "About Us"[/B] Making your server sound good and all is a good thing to do but when you go too far "We offer undeniably the best content, greatest community, and the most user friendly interfaces." it makes people want to [B]not[/B] play the server, I tried it out and honestly fair enough it's decent but it's the exact same as the last 1000 I've tried, how is having the exact same content as everyone else having the best content? And yeah I might not of talked to any of the staff on your server yet but on every single server there's at least one shitty staff member that does not know how to moderate only got Mod or Admin due to being friends with the owner, at the end of the day that kinda staff member will be the downfall of your server and I'm positive you already have one like that, in fact you might be oblivious to it yourself I've played many servers where the owner actually thinks their friends are the perfect staff team and they never do they might be your friends but lets face it, the only thing they're good for is jumping off a bridge.
  8. Load of fully working quests, for an RSPS that is pretty unique, exp rates are great wont take an hour to max out but also wont take weeks!
  9. New Server but very good and worth a try! Nice and friendly community!
  10. [B]Not an argument post so I expect no arguments in return, it's simply speculation, facts and opinions.[/B] You either hate it or love it... To be honest I'm maxed in Runescape and no longer play it, I don't care about receiving Comp cape that's just a lame cape with smoke coming out of it, I play every now and then when a new quest comes out and will play when a new skill comes out. I never entirely liked RS3 purely for the way they evolved the interface, that put the game out of my comfort zone a bit, not knowing where everything is and trying to adapt all over again as if I was a new player, but I've now adapted and it no longer bothers me, EoC that was completely fine just made Combat faster to level if you aren't so lazy and slower to level if you're a lazy combat trainer (afk), yeah a lot of people like afking but it's not playing a game that way it might as well be watching a movie where all that happens is fighting. Thats my opinions on RS3 Interface and EoC, now the more dire topic is the fact that everyone wants to fix the problems they didn't like, that worked so well the last time I mean the problem with when they removed wildy as a PvP area, fair enough we lost a lot of players because they removed wildy PvP, then due to a vote they added it back and surprise surprise not many players came back instead we lost even more players than we did before. ^ This concludes that removing RS3 will do more bad than good, unless you want a game with 100 people and 1 world with just the updates you like.
  11. I would like to apply to be a Beta Tester and a Helper if possible, and I'll be an Active Member that's expected after all. :P
  12. I think 26th November 2007 (when GE came out) would be nice, a lot of people disagree but people being able to buy and sell on the GE made buying stuff so much better, yes of course you couldn't set your own price for things, but when there's something you really want but cant find anyone selling it no matter how many times you hop worlds, that's when the GE comes in handy overall it made things better.