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  1. ExcisionPK • A perfect balance between PvP and Economy • The Wilderness target system designed exactly like that of OSRS with the set timer and expiration! • The latest OSRS content, light/heavy ballista and all other OS weapons and armour! • A wide range of dungeons and training areas, including but not limited to: Demonic Gorillas, Lizard Shamans, (Nieve's) Stronghold Slayer Cave and more • All of the Wilderness bosses that dare you to come and venture! • Buy and sell items from other players easily and effortlessly with the OS trading tabs! • A left-click attack option to even comfort those who Pk with special settings! Download Jar: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cqemai338zn6bly/Excision.jar?dl=1
  2. WEBSITE: ELEXATY RSPS DOWNLOAD: http://elexaty.online/Elexaty.jar -Comp cape Customiser -Donator Benefits -Custom Launcher -Player Owned Shops -Perfect Combat -Hundred of achievements -Bounty Hunter -5+Minigames -20+ Bosses -Ironman Mode -Loyalty titles -Daily Updates -Dwarf Multicannon -Fully functional bank tabs -Complete clan chat system -23 working skills! -Customizable Client -Active community forum -Mix of 474, 525, and 667 maps. -Gambling (Dicing and flowers)* -Money pouch with unlimited storage -Real rock caverns with rocktail fishing -Competetive highscores! -Shooting stars -Evil trees
  3. DOWNLOAD: https://mega.nz/#!sg8wUJoQ!aKy1AqbGwj7BCvbxvnrN816YFOmAUGv3Wt3U8ySm78Q What are you getting with this package? Source Client Cache It has few bugs, fix them and u are ready to go. Some Features: 13 Boss Pets OSRS Bosses OSRS Items Stable Economy Pking System Useless Code Removed Ready To Host Package EXP Modes Iron Man Ultra Iron Man Custom Yell Titles Titles Achievements Donation Rank Tickets Bounty Hunter System Fixed Dupes Easy to understand code for beginner's in java. Great for people who don't want to code. Curses
  4. Why rune-evo 3? If theres a rune-evo 4 out lol
  5. Thanks for the release! Willing to use it obviously. Why i can't PM you? Need to talk .