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  1. what are you talking about? fail.
  2. Rune 2006 has been running for 3 years and used to have 60 players active. The server is now dead and needs players. I am not the owner or anything so this is a simple adverstisement. In game name: Benji Website rune2006.com Client jar link: https:// dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/205870933/client.jar Come play rune2006 with me!! Credit: I have no credit for this servers, i just want players.
  3. [U][center][size=6][color="#00ff00"][font=arial black]Java Programming Developing Team[/font][/color][/size][/U] [SIZE=5][COLOR="#0000CD"][FONT=Arial][B]Project Description: [/B][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE] [CENTER][SIZE=3][COLOR="#FF0000"][FONT=Arial]Why? We are currently looking for team members for a blank project for a all new Runescape Private Server. We are thinking in between a 317-474 revision. The base of the project is to be determined. We are looking to do things as a team. [/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER] [SIZE=5][COLOR="#0000CD"][FONT=Arial][B]What we are looking for:[/B][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE] [CENTER][SIZE=3][COLOR="#40E0D0"][FONT=Arial]We are currently looking for members that will work as a team and build a project from the ground up. We are looking for team leaders to take responsibility. [/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=5][COLOR="#0000CD"][FONT=Arial][B]Current Team Members:[/B][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=3][COLOR="#00FF00"][FONT=Arial]Benjamin, Brandon.[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=3][COLOR="#00FF00"][FONT=Arial]Benjamin: Hello, I am currently a java developer. I have experience in programming for java. I am a Senior in High School. [/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER] [SIZE=3][COLOR="#00FF00"][FONT=Arial]Brandon: Hey, I have general programming knowledge and don't have much java experience. Currently the hoster.[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=5][COLOR="#0000CD"][FONT=Arial][B]Contact Information: [/B][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=3][COLOR="#00FF00"][FONT=Arial]Benjamin: Email: ben7024 at live Skype: benbowerman1[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=3][COLOR="#00FF00"][FONT=Arial]Brandon: Email: talontaken at gmail Skype: shadowwynne[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER] [B]Application Position:[/B] Name: Contact Information: Previous work: Experience: A little bit about your self: