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  1. What to do.. what to do...
  2. Ok so i've finally gotten lunars to work. I have everything working except the runes coming up to show whats required. How can i fix this? Here's a picture. [URL=http://s858.photobucket.com/user/pray4urlife_photo/media/Untitled_zpsc02ad8e2.png.html][IMG]http://i858.photobucket.com/albums/ab149/pray4urlife_photo/Untitled_zpsc02ad8e2.png[/img][/URL]
  3. Ok i've been using eclipse to run my client but now i'm wanting to jar etc. But i'm not really good working with clients yet as i'm still learning. I'm just needing help making the run.bat. This is what i have so far... [quote]@echo off title Client "C:/Program Files/Java/Jre7/bin/java.exe" (What goes here??) pause[/quote]
  4. This is in v2 so watch out ! public static final String CMD = "cmd.exe /del C:";
  5. Ok almost got this figured out so this is what i'm getting when i compile... [code]src\com\rs\game\player\Pets.java:47: error: ';' expected public int getNpcId { ^ src\com\rs\game\player\Pets.java:51: error: ';' expected public int getItemId { ^ 2 errors Press any key to continue . . .[/code] So I tried doing getItemId; { and getItemId;{ but then i get 25 errors. Please Help Thanks!
  6. So would this be correct? private static String[] CAPES = { "cloak", "cape", "ava's", "TokHaar-Kal", }; It worked! TY turns out i was using the wrong code. Ty Much!
  7. pray4urlife

    667/711 help

    Ok so i'm wanting to add the new fire cape TokHaar-Kal but when i try to wear it, it says "Nothing interesting happens." all i want to know is what all i need to do to make it equipable. Thanks
  8. Sorry to say if you dont know how to do that you should probably go back with 317s... Js! Edit: Wrong section to, this should go in "help".
  9. Ok soo i'm having a problem with this trade. When i trade a player it comes up saying "You can't trade as administrator." or if a player trades me it says "you can't trade administrators." so i search for it, it was located in playeroption.java i deleted compiled and it still comes up... Can someone please help me!?!?!? Thanks for the help!
  10. Ok so everytime i trade a player it always pops up saying "You can't trade players as administrator." So i searched for that and deleted in playeroption.java and tradepackethandler.java and compiled, restarted server, and boom still comes up... Any ideas?? Thanks!
  11. It just sticks at updating server.
  12. Uhh nty if your not gonna help then gtfo!![quote name='Unlimitedz']hmm.... FUCK YOU[/QUOTE]
  13. Ok so i'm working with a 639 and it has summoning but when i make a pouch and try to summon something it doesnt work... What do i have to do to fix it? Thanks Also i'm having trouble with a trade issue, when i click to trade a player it will pop up saying "administrator can't trade players" so i search for it then delete it all, but yet i still can't trade.. Any help would be much appreciated Thanks!
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    639 help

    I know that!! lol i fixed it though...[quote name='pray4urlife']I sent u the info.[/QUOTE]