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    So my ShopRestock works perfectly fine. My problem is that, if you buy let's say all 10 of Air runes out of 10. Then, the ShopRestock is going to have an endless loop of restocking the Air runes, even though the Air runes aren't restocking. Mainly because the Air runes aren't in the shop anymore and it's just a blank space slot since I bought all 10. Now, let's say I buy 9 out of 10 Air runes. Because there is still 1 left, and the maximum it is suppose to have is 10. Then, the ShopRestock is going to start restocking 1 Air rune every 5 seconds and stops once it has the maximum of 10. Which is exactly how it's suppose to work. How exactly do I tell the server to re-add the Air runes back to its slot in the shop that were all bought so it can start restocking them again? Here's my shoprestock.java Here's a video of what I'm talking about. The shop perfectly restocks the items back to 10. But, if I buy all 10 of them. The shop doesn't restock and it's stuck on an endless loop with debugs 3, 5, and 9. ShopRestock video
  2. So in Ruse v1, the nex shadow phase works fine. But, on Ruse v2, it doesn't work at all. I looked at everything that contains the shadow on v1 and copy/pasted on v2. Still doesn't work. Here's Ruse v1 on how it looks. On Ruse v2, nothing even happens other than the chatbox saying the shadow is darkening my vision even though it's not. I even set shadow to 0 to see maybe I had to "dim the lights" more. Still nothing.
  3. Aaayyeee thank you! How would I do this in IntelliJ? Steps please? or what is it called when formatting it?
  4. title says it all. You'll know what I mean when you see it. Sites have a limited size to what I can format. I could only get more space if I subscribe like $10+ in more than 6 sites I've been to already. The file is item.json and it's 6,842KB. So if anyone wants to help a fellow member such as myself, please do. Item.json
  5. When I type something in a letter in the text box I get this error server sided. I added the Opcode 127 . Am I missing something (obviously)? I'm also not able to move, teleport, or use commands. I can still type, however. Could you guys help me out please. java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -1 at java.lang.String.substring(Unknown Source) at com.net.packet.PacketConstants$3.handleMessage(PacketConstants.java:153) at com.net.PlayerSession.handleInputMessage(PlayerSession.java:110) at com.net.PlayerSession.handleQueuedMessages(PlayerSession.java:84) at com.world.entity.updating.PlayerUpdateSequence.executePreUpdate(PlayerUpdateSequence.java:34) at com.world.entity.updating.PlayerUpdateSequence.executePreUpdate(PlayerUpdateSequence.java:1) at com.world.entity.impl.CharacterList.forEach(CharacterList.java:149) at com.world.World.sequence(World.java:192) at com.engine.GameEngine.run(GameEngine.java:44) at java.util.concurrent.Executors$RunnableAdapter.call(Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.runAndReset(Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor$ScheduledFutureTask.access$301(Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor$ScheduledFutureTask.run(Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(Unknown Source) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
  6. Text String bug video If you don't want to watch the video. Basically, I type in the text box for player owned shop and I get these prints. After I type in a text, I exit the interface and try to move, but I can't. Buttons won't work, commands won't work as well. I have a control panel where i can kill myself and so i did. Then, I gotta wait about 40 seconds to be able to move again. I did this again at a bank and got this when i tried clicking around the area. Illusiox invalid step at BANK This is what came up in the prompt when i typed in 'te' in the text box Typed letter in text box Allow text writing to search items Items: 116 sendString method sendString searching items Typed letter in text box Allow text writing to search items Items: 101 sendString method sendString searching items sendstring method public void sendString(int identifier, String text) { text = identifier + "," + text; System.out.println("sendString method"); getByteBuffer().createFrame(127); getByteBuffer().writeWordBigEndian(text.length() + 1); getByteBuffer().writeString(text); } code if (openInterfaceID == 32600) { System.out.println("Typed letter in text box"); if (searchingforplayers) { System.out.println("Allow text writing to search players"); RSInterface k = RSInterface.interfaceCache[32612]; String msg = k.message; if (key >= 32 && key <= 122 && msg.length() < 20) { System.out.println("Players: "+key+""); msg += (char) key; inputTaken = true; } if (key == 8 && msg.length() > 0) { msg = msg.substring(0, msg.length() - 1); System.out.println("Players: Key == 8 "+msg+""); inputTaken = true; } k.message = msg; sendString(32612, msg); System.out.println("sendString searching players"); return; } if (searchingforitems) { System.out.println("Allow text writing to search items"); RSInterface k = RSInterface.interfaceCache[32611]; String msg = k.message; if (key >= 32 && key <= 122 && msg.length() < 20) { System.out.println("Items: "+key+""); msg += (char) key; inputTaken = true; } if (key == 8 && msg.length() > 0) { msg = msg.substring(0, msg.length() - 1); System.out.println("Items: Key == 8 "+msg+""); inputTaken = true; } k.message = msg; sendString(32611, msg); System.out.println("sendString searching items"); return; } }
  7. Do you know what file I should be looking around or another clue to what it might be in? Update: I found the method. Still don't know how to fix though. I edited the thread and replaced everything with a new one. Read It please
  8. Fixed: Another guy helped me out. I also give credits to Arix for hinting me on the system prints and realized it's in OnDemandFetcher and that file does objects. Made me think if it was modeled objects and then another guy in another site said they it's the object models.
  9. When I open up the source it gives me a client to osbrutality yet the client is vengpk. i don't get it, how would i get the source to run then?
  10. I'm trying to add a hardcore account to the Ruse base. I changed this But if I do those 4, the hardcore ironman account will have a smiley face icon next to it's name from the other <img> tag. I think this has to do with the packet stuff. But I don't think I know how that works. Could someone help me with this please? public enum GameMode { NORMAL, IRONMAN, HC_ IRONMAN; to this public enum GameMode { NORMAL, HC_ACC, IRONMAN; When I go select the hardcore acc, it shows an ironman icon and for the ironman account is a hardcore ironman icon. I want to select a hardcore account with no icon next to it. So it can look like this public enum GameMode { NORMAL, HC_ACC, IRONMAN, HC_IRONMAN;
  11. I just needed to add this with what you gave me to not have errors. JsonObject object = new JsonObject(); Still, I get the same outofbound error. Also Playersave and playerload are to different files. playerload is loading all the information for the character. playersave is the obvious savings for the character. Here's my error. java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 5 at com.world.content.Achievements.updateInterface(Achievements.java:68) [COLOR="#FFFFFF"]//line 68[/COLOR] at com.world.entity.impl.player.PlayerHandler.handleLogin(PlayerHandler.java:117) [COLOR="#FFFFFF"]//line 117[/COLOR] at com.world.World.sequence(World.java:115) [COLOR="#FFFFFF"]//line 115[/COLOR] at com.engine.GameEngine.run(GameEngine.java:39) [COLOR="#FFFFFF"]//line 39[/COLOR] at java.util.concurrent.Executors$RunnableAdapter.call(Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.runAndReset(Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor$ScheduledFutureTask.access$301(Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor$ScheduledFutureTask.run(Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(Unknown Source) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) achievements public static void updateInterface(Player player) { boolean completed = player.getAchievementAttributes().getCompletion()[achievement.ordinal()]; [COLOR="#FFFFFF"]//line 68[/COLOR] playerhandler public static void handleLogin(Player player) { Achievements.updateInterface(player); [COLOR="#FFFFFF"]//line 117[/COLOR] world public static void sequence() { PlayerHandler.handleLogin(player); [COLOR="#FFFFFF"]//line 115[/COLOR] gameengine @Override public void run() { try { switch(engineState) { case PACKET_PROCESSING: World.getPlayers().forEach($it -> $it.getSession().handlePrioritizedMessageQueue()); break; case GAME_PROCESSING: TaskManager.sequence(); World.sequence(); [COLOR="#FFFFFF"]//line 39[/COLOR] break; } engineState = next(); } catch (Throwable e) { e.printStackTrace(); World.savePlayers(); GrandExchangeOffers.save(); ClanChatManager.save(); } }
  12. Could someone skype me please to get this fixed? No one seems to know how to fix this here. skype: kk_killah Apparently this won't update in the character files https://youtu.be/Z28gV0MTbAc I can't find why I can't add more achievements. I know about the 101 array. But can't find how to make the array longer. When I try to add a 102th achievement, I get this error. This is what all I get when I search for achievements. I basically have all the necessary ones posted here already. "achievements-completion": [ false, false, false, false, false //this is actually 101. i just deleted most to test something ], EDIT: I have a video java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 101 at com.world.content.Achievements.updateInterface(Achievements.java:173) at com.world.entity.impl.player.PlayerHandler.handleLogin(PlayerHandler. java:117) at com.world.World.sequence(World.java:115) at com.engine.GameEngine.run(GameEngine.java:39) at java.util.concurrent.Executors$RunnableAdapter.call(Executors.java:51 1) at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.runAndReset(FutureTask.java:308) at java.util.concurrent.ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor$ScheduledFutureTask. access$301(ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor.java:180) at java.util.concurrent.ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor$ScheduledFutureTask. run(ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor.java:294) at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(ThreadPoolExecutor. java:1142) at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(ThreadPoolExecutor .java:617) at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) Here's my achievement system. Ok, I just updated this. Read down to the quote in this post. public class Achievements { public enum AchievementData { ENTER_THE_LOTTERY(Difficulty.EASY, "Enter The Lottery", 37005, null), FILL_WELL_OF_GOODWILL_1M(Difficulty.EASY, "Pour 1M Into The Well", 37006, null), CUT_AN_OAK_TREE(Difficulty.EASY, "Cut An Oak Tree", 37007, null), BURN_AN_OAK_LOG(Difficulty.EASY, "Burn An Oak Log", 37008, null), FISH_A_SALMON(Difficulty.EASY, "Fish A Salmon", 37009, null), COOK_A_SALMON(Difficulty.EASY, "Cook A Salmon", 37010, null), EAT_A_SALMON(Difficulty.EASY, "Eat A Salmon", 37011, null), MINE_SOME_IRON(Difficulty.EASY, "Mine Some Iron", 37012, null), SMELT_AN_IRON_BAR(Difficulty.EASY, "Smelt An Iron Bar", 37013, null), HARVEST_A_CROP(Difficulty.EASY, "Harvest A Crop", 37014, null), INFUSE_A_DREADFOWL_POUCH(Difficulty.EASY, "Infuse A Dreadfowl Pouch", 37015, null), CATCH_A_YOUNG_IMPLING(Difficulty.EASY, "Catch A Young Impling", 37016, null), CRAFT_A_PAIR_OF_LEATHER_BOOTS(Difficulty.EASY, "Craft A Pair of Leather Boots", 37017, null), CLIMB_AN_AGILITY_OBSTACLE(Difficulty.EASY, "Climb An Agility Obstacle", 37018, null), FLETCH_SOME_ARROWS(Difficulty.EASY, "Fletch Some Arrows", 37019, null), STEAL_A_RING(Difficulty.EASY, "Steal A Ring", 37020, null), MIX_A_POTION(Difficulty.EASY, "Mix A Potion", 37021, null), RUNECRAFT_SOME_RUNES(Difficulty.EASY, "Runecraft Some Runes", 37022, null), BURY_A_BIG_BONE(Difficulty.EASY, "Bury A Big Bone", 37023, null), COMPLETE_A_SLAYER_TASK(Difficulty.EASY, "Complete A Slayer Task", 37024, null), SET_UP_A_CANNON(Difficulty.EASY, "Set Up A Cannon", 37025, null), KILL_A_MONSTER_USING_MELEE(Difficulty.EASY, "Kill a Monster Using Melee", 37026, null), KILL_A_MONSTER_USING_RANGED(Difficulty.EASY, "Kill a Monster Using Ranged", 37027, null), KILL_A_MONSTER_USING_MAGIC(Difficulty.EASY, "Kill a Monster Using Magic", 37028, null), DEAL_EASY_DAMAGE_USING_MELEE(Difficulty.EASY, "Deal 1000 Melee Damage", 37029, new int[]{0, 1000}), DEAL_EASY_DAMAGE_USING_RANGED(Difficulty.EASY, "Deal 1000 Ranged Damage", 37030, new int[]{1, 1000}), DEAL_EASY_DAMAGE_USING_MAGIC(Difficulty.EASY, "Deal 1000 Magic Damage", 37031, new int[]{2, 1000}), PERFORM_A_SPECIAL_ATTACK(Difficulty.EASY, "Perform a Special Attack", 37032, null), FIGHT_ANOTHER_PLAYER(Difficulty.EASY, "Fight Another Player", 37033, null), SET_AN_EMAIL_ADDRESS(Difficulty.EASY, "Set An Email Address", 37034, null), ENTER_THE_LOTTERY_THREE_TIMES(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Enter The Lottery Three Times", 37037, new int[]{3, 3}), FILL_WELL_OF_GOODWILL_50M(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Pour 50M Into The Well", 37038, new int[]{4, 50000000}), CUT_100_MAGIC_LOGS(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Cut 100 Magic Logs", 37039, new int[]{5, 100}), BURN_100_MAGIC_LOGS(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Burn 100 Magic Logs", 37040, new int[]{6, 100}), FISH_25_ROCKTAILS(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Fish 25 Rocktails", 37041, new int[]{7, 25}), COOK_25_ROCKTAILS(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Cook 25 Rocktails", 37042, new int[]{8, 25}), MINE_25_RUNITE_ORES(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Mine 25 Runite Ores", 37043, new int[]{9, 25}), SMELT_25_RUNE_BARS(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Smelt 25 Rune Bars", 37044, new int[]{10, 25}), HARVEST_10_TORSTOLS(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Harvest 10 Torstols", 37045, new int[]{11, 10}), INFUSE_25_TITAN_POUCHES(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Infuse 25 Steel Titans", 37046, new int[]{12, 25}), CATCH_5_KINGLY_IMPLINGS(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Catch 5 Kingly Implings", 37047, new int[]{13, 5}), COMPLETE_A_HARD_SLAYER_TASK(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Complete A Hard Slayer Task", 37048, null), CRAFT_20_BLACK_DHIDE_BODIES(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Craft 20 Black D'hide Bodies", 37049, new int[]{14, 20}), FLETCH_450_RUNE_ARROWS(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Fletch 450 Rune Arrows", 37050, new int[]{15, 450}), STEAL_140_SCIMITARS(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Steal 140 Scimitars", 37051, new int[]{16, 140}), MIX_AN_OVERLOAD_POTION(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Mix An Overload Potion", 37052, null), ASSEMBLE_A_GODSWORD(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Assemble A Godsword", 37053, null), CLIMB_50_AGILITY_OBSTACLES(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Climb 50 Agility Obstacles", 37054, new int[]{17, 50}), RUNECRAFT_500_BLOOD_RUNES(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Runecraft 500 Blood Runes", 37055, new int[]{18, 500}), BURY_25_FROST_DRAGON_BONES(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Bury 25 Frost Dragon Bones", 37056, new int[]****, 25}), FIRE_500_CANNON_BALLS(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Fire 500 Cannon Balls", 37057, new int[]{20, 500}), DEAL_MEDIUM_DAMAGE_USING_MELEE(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Deal 100K Melee Damage", 37058, new int[]{21, 100000}), DEAL_MEDIUM_DAMAGE_USING_RANGED(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Deal 100K Ranged Damage", 37059, new int[]{22, 100000}), DEAL_MEDIUM_DAMAGE_USING_MAGIC(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Deal 100K Magic Damage", 37060, new int[]{23, 100000}), DEFEAT_THE_KING_BLACK_DRAGON(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Defeat The King Black Dragon", 37061, null), DEFEAT_THE_CHAOS_ELEMENTAL(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Defeat The Chaos Elemental", 37062, null), DEFEAT_A_TORMENTED_DEMON(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Defeat A Tormented Demon", 37063, null), DEFEAT_THE_CULINAROMANCER(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Defeat The Culinaromancer", 37064, null), DEFEAT_NOMAD(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Defeat Nomad", 37065, null), DEFEAT_10_PLAYERS(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Defeat 10 Players", 37066, new int[]{24, 10}), REACH_A_KILLSTREAK_OF_3(Difficulty.MEDIUM, "Reach A Killstreak Of 3", 37067, null), FILL_WELL_OF_GOODWILL_250M(Difficulty.HARD, "Pour 250M Into The Well", 37070, new int[]{25, 250000000}), CUT_5000_MAGIC_LOGS(Difficulty.HARD, "Cut 5000 Magic Logs", 37071, new int[]{26, 5000}), BURN_2500_MAGIC_LOGS(Difficulty.HARD, "Burn 2500 Magic Logs", 37072, new int[]{27, 2500}), FISH_2000_ROCKTAILS(Difficulty.HARD, "Fish 2000 Rocktails", 37073, new int[]{28, 2000}), COOK_1000_ROCKTAILS(Difficulty.HARD, "Cook 1000 Rocktails", 37074, new int[]{29, 1000}), MINE_2000_RUNITE_ORES(Difficulty.HARD, "Mine 2000 Runite Ores", 37075, new int[]{30, 2000}), SMELT_1000_RUNE_BARS(Difficulty.HARD, "Smelt 1000 Rune Bars", 37076, new int[]{31, 1000}), HARVEST_1000_TORSTOLS(Difficulty.HARD, "Harvest 1000 Torstols", 37077, new int[]{32, 1000}), INFUSE_500_STEEL_TITAN_POUCHES(Difficulty.HARD, "Infuse 500 Steel Titans", 37078, new int[]{33, 500}), CRAFT_1000_SPONSOR_GEMS(Difficulty.HARD, "Craft 1000 Diamond Gems", 37079, new int[]{34, 1000}), CATCH_100_KINGLY_IMPLINGS(Difficulty.HARD, "Catch 100 Kingly Imps", 37080, new int[]{35, 100}), FLETCH_5000_RUNE_ARROWS(Difficulty.HARD, "Fletch 5000 Rune Arrows", 37081, new int[]{36, 5000}), STEAL_5000_SCIMITARS(Difficulty.HARD, "Steal 5000 Scimitars", 37082, new int[]{37, 5000}), RUNECRAFT_8000_BLOOD_RUNES(Difficulty.HARD, "Runecraft 8000 Blood Runes", 37083, new int[]{38, 8000}), BURY_500_FROST_DRAGON_BONES(Difficulty.HARD, "Bury 500 Frost Dragon Bones", 37084, new int[]{39, 500}), FIRE_5000_CANNON_BALLS(Difficulty.HARD, "Fire 5000 Cannon Balls", 37085, new int[]{40, 5000}), MIX_100_OVERLOAD_POTIONS(Difficulty.HARD, "Mix 100 Overload Potions", 37086, new int[]{41, 100}), COMPLETE_AN_ELITE_SLAYER_TASK(Difficulty.HARD, "Complete An Elite Slayer Task", 37087, null), ASSEMBLE_5_GODSWORDS(Difficulty.HARD, "Assemble 5 Godswords", 37088, new int[]{42, 5}), DEAL_HARD_DAMAGE_USING_MELEE(Difficulty.HARD, "Deal 10M Melee Damage", 37089, new int[]{43, 10000000}), DEAL_HARD_DAMAGE_USING_RANGED(Difficulty.HARD, "Deal 10M Ranged Damage", 37090, new int[]{44, 10000000}), DEAL_HARD_DAMAGE_USING_MAGIC(Difficulty.HARD, "Deal 10M Magic Damage", 37091, new int[]{45, 10000000}), DEFEAT_JAD(Difficulty.HARD, "Defeat Jad", 37092, null), DEFEAT_BANDOS_AVATAR(Difficulty.HARD, "Defeat Bandos Avatar", 37093, null), DEFEAT_GENERAL_GRAARDOR(Difficulty.HARD, "Defeat General Graardor", 37094, null), DEFEAT_KREE_ARRA(Difficulty.HARD, "Defeat Kree'Arra", 37095, null), DEFEAT_COMMANDER_ZILYANA(Difficulty.HARD, "Defeat Commander Zilyana", 37096, null), DEFEAT_KRIL_TSUTSAROTH(Difficulty.HARD, "Defeat K'ril Tsutsaroth", 37097, null), DEFEAT_THE_CORPOREAL_BEAST(Difficulty.HARD, "Defeat The Corporeal Beast", 37098, null), DEFEAT_NEX(Difficulty.HARD, "Defeat Nex", 37099, null), DEFEAT_30_PLAYERS(Difficulty.HARD, "Defeat 30 Players", 37100, new int[]{46, 30}), REACH_A_KILLSTREAK_OF_6(Difficulty.HARD, "Reach A Killstreak Of 6", 37101, null), COMPLETE_ALL_HARD_TASKS(Difficulty.ELITE, "Complete All Hard Tasks", 37104, new int[]{47, 32}), CUT_AN_ONYX_STONE(Difficulty.ELITE, "Cut An Onyx Stone", 37105, null), REACH_MAX_EXP_IN_A_SKILL(Difficulty.ELITE, "Reach Max Exp In A Skill", 37106, null), REACH_LEVEL_99_IN_ALL_SKILLS(Difficulty.ELITE, "Reach Level 99 In All Skills", 37107, new int[]{48, 22}), DEFEAT_10000_MONSTERS(Difficulty.ELITE, "Defeat 10,000 Monsters", 37108, new int[]{49, 10000}), DEFEAT_500_BOSSES(Difficulty.ELITE, "Defeat 500 Boss Monsters", 37109, new int[]{50, 500}), VOTE_100_TIMES(Difficulty.ELITE, "Vote 100 Times", 37110, new int[]{51, 100}), UNLOCK_ALL_LOYALTY_TITLES(Difficulty.ELITE, "Unlock All Loyalty Titles", 37111, new int[]{52, 11}), UNLOCK_ALL_LOYALTY_TITLESS(Difficulty.ELITE, "Unlock All Loyalty Titless", 37112, new int[]{53, 11}), REACH_A_KILLSTREAK_OF_12(Difficulty.HARD, "Reach A Killstreak Of 12", 37113, null), CUT_10000_MAGIC_LOGS(Difficulty.ELITE, "Cut 10000 Magic Logs", 37114, new int[]{54, 5000}) ; AchievementData(Difficulty difficulty, String interfaceLine, int interfaceFrame, int[] progressData) { this.difficulty = difficulty; this.interfaceLine = interfaceLine; this.interfaceFrame = interfaceFrame; this.progressData = progressData; } private Difficulty difficulty; private String interfaceLine; private int interfaceFrame; private int[] progressData; public Difficulty getDifficulty() { return difficulty; } } public enum Difficulty { BEGINNER, EASY, MEDIUM, HARD, ELITE; } public static boolean handleButton(Player player, int button) { if(!(button >= -28531 && button <= -28400)) { return false; } int index = -1; if(button >= -28531 && button <= -28502) { index = 28531 + button; } else if(button >= -28499 && button <= -28469) { index = 30 + 28499 + button; } else if(button >= -28466 && button <= -28435) { index = 61 + 28466 + button; } else if(button >= -28432 && button <= -28400) { index = 93 + 28432 + button; } if(index >= 0 && index < AchievementData.values().length) { AchievementData achievement = AchievementData.values()[index]; if(player.getAchievementAttributes().getCompletion()[achievement.ordinal()]) { player.getPacketSender().sendMessage("<img=10> <col=004B00>You have completed the achievement: "+achievement.interfaceLine+"."); } else if(achievement.progressData == null) { player.getPacketSender().sendMessage("<img=10> <col=660000>You have not started the achievement: "+achievement.interfaceLine+"."); } else { int progress = player.getAchievementAttributes().getProgress()[achievement.progressData[0]]; int requiredProgress = achievement.progressData[1]; if(progress == 0) { player.getPacketSender().sendMessage("<img=10> <col=660000>You have not started the achievement: "+achievement.interfaceLine+"."); } else if(progress != requiredProgress) { player.getPacketSender().sendMessage("<img=10> <col=FFFF00>Your progress for this achievement is currently at: "+Misc.insertCommasToNumber(""+progress)+"/"+Misc.insertCommasToNumber(""+requiredProgress)+"."); } } } return true; } public static void updateInterface(Player player) { for(AchievementData achievement : AchievementData.values()) { boolean completed = player.getAchievementAttributes().getCompletion()[achievement.ordinal()]; boolean progress = achievement.progressData != null && player.getAchievementAttributes().getProgress()[achievement.progressData[0]] > 0; player.getPacketSender().sendString(achievement.interfaceFrame, (completed ? "@[email protected]" : progress ? "@[email protected]" : "@[email protected]") + achievement.interfaceLine); } player.getPacketSender().sendString(37001, "Achievements: "+player.getPointsHandler().getAchievementPoints()+"/"+AchievementData.values().length); } public static void setPoints(Player player) { int points = 0; for(AchievementData achievement : AchievementData.values()) { if(player.getAchievementAttributes().getCompletion()[achievement.ordinal()]) { points++; } } player.getPointsHandler().setAchievementPoints(points, false); } public static void doProgress(Player player, AchievementData achievement) { doProgress(player, achievement, 1); } public static void doProgress(Player player, AchievementData achievement, int amt) { if(player.getAchievementAttributes().getCompletion()[achievement.ordinal()]) return; if(achievement.progressData != null) { int progressIndex = achievement.progressData[0]; int amountNeeded = achievement.progressData[1]; int previousDone = player.getAchievementAttributes().getProgress()[progressIndex]; if((previousDone+amt) < amountNeeded) { player.getAchievementAttributes().getProgress()[progressIndex] = previousDone+amt; if(previousDone == 0) player.getPacketSender().sendString(achievement.interfaceFrame, "@[email protected]"+ achievement.interfaceLine); } else { finishAchievement(player, achievement); } } } public static void finishAchievement(Player player, AchievementData achievement) { if(player.getAchievementAttributes().getCompletion()[achievement.ordinal()]) return; player.getAchievementAttributes().getCompletion()[achievement.ordinal()] = true; player.getPacketSender().sendString(achievement.interfaceFrame, ("<col=004B00>") + achievement.interfaceLine).sendMessage("<img=10>You have completed the achievement "+Misc.formatText(achievement.toString().toLowerCase()+".")).sendString(37001, "Achievements: "+player.getPointsHandler().getAchievementPoints()+"/"+AchievementData.values().length); if(achievement.getDifficulty() == Difficulty.HARD) { doProgress(player, AchievementData.COMPLETE_ALL_HARD_TASKS); } player.getPointsHandler().setAchievementPoints(1, true); } public static class AchievementAttributes { public AchievementAttributes(){} /** ACHIEVEMENTS **/ private boolean[] completed = new boolean[AchievementData.values().length]; private int[] progress = new int[55]; public boolean[] getCompletion() { return completed; } public void setCompletion(int index, boolean value) { this.completed[index] = value; } public void setCompletion(boolean[] completed) { this.completed = completed; } public int[] getProgress() { return progress; } public void setProgress(int index, int value) { this.progress[index] = value; } public void setProgress(int[] progress) { this.progress = progress; } /** MISC **/ private int coinsGambled; private double totalLoyaltyPointsEarned; private boolean[] godsKilled = new boolean[5]; public int getCoinsGambled() { return coinsGambled; } public void setCoinsGambled(int coinsGambled) { this.coinsGambled = coinsGambled; } public double getTotalLoyaltyPointsEarned() { return totalLoyaltyPointsEarned; } public void incrementTotalLoyaltyPointsEarned(double totalLoyaltyPointsEarned) { this.totalLoyaltyPointsEarned += totalLoyaltyPointsEarned; } public boolean[] getGodsKilled() { return godsKilled; } public void setGodKilled(int index, boolean godKilled) { this.godsKilled[index] = godKilled; } public void setGodsKilled(boolean[] b) { this.godsKilled = b; } } } Some reason, when I make a new acocunt. I don't get that error in the cmd anymore. So what's up? How can I make the array update for the old accounts? I was able to get it working for newer accounts. It seems that accounts made before the updated achievements get the "array error". Any ideas/fixes to get this sorted out? I have this in playersave and playerload object.add("achievements-completion", builder.toJsonTree(player.getAchievementAttributes().getCompletion())); object.add("achievements-progress", builder.toJsonTree(player.getAchievementAttributes().getProgress())); if (reader.has("achievements-completion")) { player.getAchievementAttributes().setCompletion(builder.fromJson(reader.get("achievements-completion").getAsJsonArray(), boolean[].class)); } if (reader.has("achievements-progress")) { player.getAchievementAttributes().setProgress(builder.fromJson(reader.get("achievements-progress").getAsJsonArray(), int[].class)); } private final AchievementAttributes achievementAttributes = new AchievementAttributes(); public AchievementAttributes getAchievementAttributes() { return achievementAttributes; }
  13. Could you please provide the link or topic name so I may check this out? Thnkx.
  14. When i redeem the scroll that allows me to have membership. i get a membership status on the character. But after time is up, i still have the membership status, even upon relogging. The problem is that it doesn't change back the status to "NONE".