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  1. Hello i've just started with eclipse, but im having trouble understanding how to use it, for sure for the errors it gives. So im looking for some1 who has a few minutes free to help me out, just setting it up and explain me how to use it for my 317 source. If u want to help me, you can do it by skype (sharescreen) or teamviewer. my skype : nielskeeeeeeeen
  2. Okey so i have both of those sets, but no boots and gloves to both. I need the models and ints for the boots and gloves of Sagittarian & celestial set. So if u have them be as kind to post em below. Or explain me how to know what item has what models, since i got another source where it has the gloves and boots. But idk how to know what models the item use.
  3. Okey so i've added a custom called 'hell sword' and for some reason every shortbow (shortbow, oak shortow, willow shortbow,...) turns into the hell sword and it looks like dropped on the ground. Picture to show what i mean : [url]http://prntscr.com/6juyg6[/url]
  4. thx man, fixed it :)
  5. [quote name='FUZENSETH']PlayerSave.java[/QUOTE] Done added the java file of PlayerSave
  6. Okey so my rfd minigame doesn't save atm. Once u relog u have to start over the minigame from wave 0. Any1 knows where the saving part is happening? Or why it wouldn't save? Let me know what files u wanna have a look at. PlayerSave.Java = [url]http://pastebin.com/zr07kKBF[/url]
  7. All nevermind :p I've been the biggest retard evaaaa.. I've found my problem its all fixed thx anyway =)
  8. [quote name='Hash']What's the error you get?[/QUOTE] I just quit trying to make it work, been 4 houres non-stop trying ths and still don't got it :(
  9. [quote name='Hash']What's the error you get?[/QUOTE] This is the error i get. [url]http://prntscr.com/6g7a4u[/url]
  10. Okey so imma ask the question real simple. How do i let this slayer part check on slayer level and combatlevel, ive been trying to many things, and really don't know why it always gives erorrs... public void giveTask() { if (c.combatLevel < 50) giveTask(1); else if (c.combatLevel >= 50 && c.combatLevel <= 90) giveTask(2); else if (c.combatLevel > 90 && c.combatLevel <= 121) giveTask(3); else if (c.combatLevel >= 122 && c.combatLevel <= 138) giveTask(4); else giveTask(2); }
  11. well i'll try to figgure it out i gues.
  12. Okey so i wanna make it so when you have a slayer task, only the monsters from that task only will drop caskets. But how do i say in java like to check the slayertask and add casket drop to those monsters?
  13. [quote name='Arix']An offhand drygore is just a completely seperate model. It is repositioned and (possibly) slightly modified and the equipment slot is different (changed to shield slot). For the cape, your model is not correctly rigged to the animation system. Here is a link to my [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?102773-General-Model-Explanation"]general model explanation[/URL] thread which covers the basics of that. You will need to set "weights" on vertices of your model in the VSKIN layer(s). Basically numbers that are used for the animation system to know which vertex to move where and when. Your animation would have for example a moving weight 10 so every vertex that has weight 0.1 (because this ranges from 0 to 1 per layer) will move as the animation tells them to while for example vertices with weight 0.08 will not move. In order to know what weights belong to which vertices you can look at an existing cape model with DatMaker.[/QUOTE] Waw it looks pretty hard if i read your reply :/ I gues imma do some more basic stuff first :p Thx dough
  14. Okey so i have 2 questions : 1) About my drygores I have been adding drygores (rapier, mace and longsword) but there is no offhand, is there a way i can change some things to make an offhand drygore? 2) About custom items So i've added some customs for ex. Death cape. Atm it gives me the problem that when i spin around (the emote) the cloak just stays there. Its like not connected to my character. If you have any idea's or wanna have a look on team viewer, feel free to add me on skype : nielskeeeeeeeen.