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  1. bump i need a little help here to
  2. [quote name='Fuzen Seth']Are you using a 667?[/QUOTE] I am using the original matrix 718 base released by dragonkk. Know one seems to know a fix to this issue.. Its an annoying little bug to
  3. Hey guys, There is an issue with the equipment interface after using the bank, this is on all original 718 matrix base's released by Dragonkk. I have been looking for several hours now through the code to see if i can figure what is the problem with it, from what i can see there really shouldn't be an issue.. While in-game you use the bank and then close it --> then click on Show Equipment Stats it does not open the final interface for the equipment bonuses, you have to click away on the minimap then click Show Equipment Stats again to get it to open the interface. I am just wondering if anyone knows any fixes for this any hint/tip is would be very helpful. A rep + a thank you is considered in any information on fixing this. Thank you if you have read this post please please please feel free to post any reply to my topic it would be much appreciated
  4. bump anyone got any hints or tips please post below...
  5. Hello guys, I've been working on the original matrix base for several months now. I've fixed many issues and bugs over that period of time. Now i have come across a major issue especially for hybridders. When both players are frozen diagonally from each other and switch to melee combating you can then fight diagonally until one of the players are unfrozen. I am not asking to be spoon fed with some snippet or anything like that i have tried multiple times to fix the issue myself, tried to search for answers all across rune-server, Google, Bing etc.. i have seen a few threads with people trying to solve the same issue but cannot find the least bit of information on solving this problem correctly. would anyone with a greater knowledge of java have any tips or hints on how to go about resolving this in the matrix base? i would be willing to offer cash/rep/thanks as a reward to help me figure this out. I appreciate your time if you have read my post and would be willing to provide a little assistance. I know alot of other people need a little boost aswell.